Comparing Conveyancer Fees

Published on Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Comparing Conveyancer FeesComparing conveyancing fees does require some amount of thinking and sharp instinct about what could work best for you. Imagine the situation when you get varying rates from different solicitors for one house that is to be sold or purchased. How will you know which conveyancer is the right one to go for?   * Let Him Talk about His Fees   One thing we have to bear in mind that all conveyancers are legally required to keep their fees and disbursements distinct. So, if a solicitor tells you that his fee is a disbursement, he is just flouting the rules. In a practical scenario, he is not a person you should be doing business with.   * Know What Actually Belongs to a List of Conveyancer Fees   In order to compare conveyancers' quotes and fees, you have to figure out which is the category of fees. Distinguish between disbursement and real costs.   Take note that the actual profit of the conveyancer is his 'fees' or the amount that has to be paid for his expertise. These can include things that are required for the successful completion of a purchase or sales transaction, like administrative costs, identification searches and bank transfer fees. Even money charged for services like copying and faxing, file storage, postage and delivery fall under his fees. So when you compare the fees of conveyancers, you should keep this thing in mind.   Make sure you check online for the cheapest and the best quote by conveyancers. Get at least three of them and segregate them between disbursements and actual fees to get a fair idea of how much you need to pay.