Down to the Boxes

Published on Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Down to the Boxes
During your move, you'll come across a lot of different kinds of packing jobs. Furniture, appliances, tools, utensils, office materials, papers, clothes, trinkets, and so forth all require a different approach, and therefore, a different kind of container.
Although good quality, double-layered cardboard is best, it's not always necessary, especially for soft, light items like towels and clothes. Think about what it is that you need this kind of material for, so you can avoid unnecessary expenses. You'll need strong cardboard for hard, heavy, and potentially harmful items such as appliances, metal utensils and tools.
If you want to avoid the hassle of folding you clothes into a squat box, and then unfolding, ironing and hanging them again once you've gotten to your new residence, then consider using specialized cardboard boxes meant for moving clothes. Such boxes act as a sort of portable closet, making it possible for you to hang your clothes as you normally would. These boxes come in two different heights to accommodate long articles such as dresses, as well as shorter ones like those used by men. Footwear can also be kept in the bottom spaces of these boxes.