Earn Some Money before Moving by Having a Garage Sale

Published on Thursday, 22 October 2009

Earn Some Money before Moving by Having a Garage Sale Among the best ways to have an easier packing is sorting the things you need and the things you don't need anymore. Now, what will you do with the things you don't need anymore? No, you should not throw those away. Instead, earn some bucks from it-have a garage sale!   Here are some tips you can use to have a successful garage sale   ·       Advertise. People should know about your garage sale. You can spread that through the word-of-mouth or you can post posters at the park or any popular public areas.   ·       Sell as many items as you can. Don't think that no one will buy that thing. You'll never know, it might just be the treasure of another person. So just display it there and put a price for it.   ·       Make the garage sale set-up easy to navigate. Consider your favorite stores-these are usually those that are easy to navigate. So, your garage sale should be easy to navigate as well.   ·       Price the items rightly. But make sure you will offer a low price. The key here is to have the price that will be tempting for your market but not very low to give you a good profit.   ·       Prepare some money for change. Before you have a garage sale, go to the bank and change your bills to some coins. It will not only make your job easier but faster for you and the buyer.   Of course, don't forget to offer a satisfactory customer service. With that, your garage sale will surely be more successful.