Expenses You Need To Be Ready for Before Going to Norway

Published on Friday, 01 January 2010

Expenses You Need To Be Ready for Before Going to NorwayMoving to Norway is no joke. Statistics say that it is one of the most expensive countries to live in. Whether you are going to Norway for work-related reasons, or for graduate studies, it is a must that you are aware of the cost of living in Norway first. This is a summary of the expenses you should be ready for in Norway:   1. Food. The cost of food in Norway is about 50% higher than in UK. A litre of milk in Norway will set you back by about 2.5 GBP while a Kilo of apples costs about 5 GBP. In clubs, a pint of beer will cost about 10 GBP. Meals in fast food chains range from 10 GBP-15 GBP, whilst meals in fine restaurants may cost more than 37 GBP per person.   2. Taxes. Twenty-five percent is charged on goods and service taxes whilst 70% is charged on gasoline taxes. Lastly, a whopping 100% is charged on new cars. On the bright side, you will receive a lot of benefits from the government, like medical insurance and free tuition fees for undergraduate studies.   3. Tuition fees. Normally, Norway universities charge 2500 GBP per academic year for graduate and post-graduate education. But you may apply for scholarship grants to lessen the amount. As mentioned, there are no tuition fees for undergraduate studies.   4. Moving fees. Moving fees can be so expensive. Imagine that you have to pay for plane fares, packing boxes, packing tapes, vans etc. But you can cut down your expenses by hiring a removal company that will not only offer you these items at a relatively low cost, but can also provide their services for you.      Before you go to Norway, be sure that you're ready for the above mentioned expenditures. In this country, you will definitely need all the money you can muster. But you can definitely win over them, just prepare.