Extra Chargers for a Removal

Published on Monday, 10 September 2012

Extra Chargers for a RemovalIf you are facing a removal and you are planning to hire a removals company make sure that you know how the fee is calculated and the amount of additional charges you may need to pay. The additional charges are based on the conditions of your move and many factors can raise the costs of a move. Many people don't have even the slightest idea of these additional costs and they think it's just a rip-off, when the truth is that the company has all the rights to impose them. Here are the things that can add up to the original quote from the removals company.

Accessorial Charges
Removals companies can easily charge you more by listing the additional fees as accessorial charges. These include packing and unpacking, disassembling furniture and other smaller tasks. If you don't want to be charged for these, you need to make sure you are ready when the movers arrive.

Advanced Charges
These charges are added to your bill if the movers need the help of a professional (piano mover, craftsman, etc.). If the removals company has to arrange such a third-party service, they will definitely charge you.

Appliance Service
This extra fee isn't always charged, but be ready for it or ask in advance. It includes preparing the big appliances for the move: disassembling, disconnecting, packing. If you don't want to pay this extra fee and want to pack your appliances yourself, ask the mover whether you can do it and what should you leave for them.

Auxiliary Service
These charges are quite common and they refer to any delays from your side during the move, lack of parking space for the moving truck, obstacles during the carrying of the furniture. If the truck has to be changed with a smaller or bigger one this will cost you an additional charge too. In order to avoid that, make sure that you have informed your neighbors of the removal, there is easy access for the truck and you are ready when the movers arrive.

Customs Clearance
If you are doing an international move, you need to be prepared for these fees. If the fee is included in the total cost then there is nothing to worry about, but make sure you check what documents you need for the country you are moving to.

Elevator Carry
Living on a floor that is accessed by an elevator may cost you an additional fee. Transporting belongings in an elevator isn't an easy task, so make sure you inform the movers in advance. If you are doing a local move you may be lucky and the company might not charge you for it, but it is considered somewhat an obstacle for the move, which slows down the process.

Expedited Service
In case you want your belongings to arrive on a certain date you could be charged a higher fee. In order to avoid this it's better to be flexible about the moving in date.

Flight Charge
This fee is added when the movers have to carry your furniture and boxes up down stairs. The higher the floor, the bigger the fee. There really is no escape when it comes to additional charges as every removals company is different.

Linehaul Charge
This fee is added when you are doing a long-distance move and it calculates the weight of the shipment and the distance. Ask upfront for this fee and you should get a precise estimate.

Long Carry
Another common fee which is applied is if the movers have to carry your belongings a long distance between your home and the rear of the truck. Ask how the cost is determined and think what you can do to avoid being charged.