Finding The Perfect Removals Service For Your Move

Published on Friday, 28 March 2014

Finding The Perfect Removals Service For Your MoveWhen it comes to finding the right removals company for your move, you will no doubt have realized that there are certain hurdles to overcome. Whether it is knowing exactly what you want, or wading through the sheer numbers of different companies out there, there will always be issues in securing that perfect removals team, but if you are diligent about the way in which you go about these things, then there is no reason why you can’t get the perfect removals company for your needs, and preferably at the best price for you as well! Where to start then? Rather than turning straight to the internet with it’s overwhelming series of options, you should perhaps try staying closer to home at first. Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors form the area who they used, to see if anyone has any strong recommendations. You will find that these recommendations are particularly useful in that they have been tested out by people that you already trust, so the results will not be at all biased or debatable in any way. Of course, you won’t always have somebody close by that has moved at all recently, so the internet may still be necessary, in which case you should use online reviews sites to get an idea of what you are up against from the outset. There are a few filters that you can use to ensure that you are getting the best from your removals company, and it is essential that you are aware that there are a widely varying series of companies out there, in terms of quality. One of the first things you should be thinking about is how they make you feel. Of course, not everything in life can be sunshine and rainbows, but moving house is already enough of a pain that you don’t need to be dealing with a grumpy removals team throughout the process. You will no doubt have enough of a sense of intuition about these sorts of things to get an idea as to whether you feel that you are being treated well or not, and you should trust this, as it is one of the greatest judgment tools that you have. A really good removals company will be lovely to work with and helpful beyond the call of duty. They will also be thorough and diligent, and this comes most obviously in the form of a house survey. A house survey is where a professional comes round to assess how large a job your removal is, and then gives you a quote based on the findings. Some removals companies like to save money by having you fill out a form about the number of rooms in your house, but this rarely gives a good enough idea to base a quote on realistically. You will find that these sorts of services often move the goalposts at the last minute, typically when you are far too far involved with the process to refuse the changes in price! With a decent house survey, you are well set to have a quote that covers absolutely everything that it ends to, from insurance to the heavier items, and you can be sure then that the job will be done well as you are paying the team correctly. Whilst this sort of care and attention does not always comes cheap, you will be paying for a worthwhile result; a slack removal can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage, and will likely haunt you for a long time afterwards!