Free Ways to Store Your Excess Things after Moving

Published on Saturday, 22 August 2009

Free Ways to Store Your Excess Things after Moving Free Ways to Store Your Excess Things after Moving Finally, you have moved to your new place. But there is another problem. Your new place is too small to cater all your things. What will you do with those things? Perhaps selling them is your best option. You'll not only get rid of your things, you'll also earn from them. However, what if you like all these things and you don't want to sell them? Well, no problem with that. You can choose among these great storage options:  Ask a family or friend to take care of your excess things. Maybe they have a big room or garage where your things can stay for a long time. Ask them if these rooms are large enough for your things. You'll surely save a lot of money from renting a commercial storage space.  Free storage from truck rental companies. If you have used a truck rental company on your moving, then most probably they can offer you free storage too. There are companies who do this. So before you hire a professional mover, ask him if he's open to storing your stuffs. This option can provide 24/7 protection for your things against robbers and natural disasters. Just explore your options and you might be surprised that you have better ways to store up your things. Just make sure that the option you will choose includes the security of your things. That way, you can make sure to get the best storage method for your precious things.