House Removals With Children - A Simple Guide

Published on Wednesday, 11 December 2013

House Removals With Children - A Simple GuideMoving house can be a huge overhaul in your life, so for a child, it is hard to understand exactly what is going on and why it is. If you have younger kids, then you need to be aware of the issues that they face, that will affect your life in turn. If you can, be as understanding as possible, as domestic removals for them are not the pragmatic ordeal that you face, it is a sense of being uprooted, and not really understanding why. The connections to the surroundings that the home and area that you live in provides your children will be hard to replace, and will take a lot of getting used to, so a few notes on the things that you can expect, and ways to deal with them may be useful. As ever, these notes are speculative, and you will obviously know your child and how to deal with certain issues differently, this is simply a rough guide to get you thinking along the right lines for your domestic removals.1.    Make sure that your child feels like a part of the domestic removals process.Whether it is taking them round all of the houses that are on your shortlist, or letting them pick their room color, you will find that a child who feels like they are involved in the move will be a lot happier about it. In this way, they will learn the benefits of moving in their own terms, rather than feeling like they are being forced in to something! 2.    Promote the benefits of movingYour child may be worried about not being able to see a group of friends or a certain place anymore, so explain the potential that there is for new friends and places to play, as well as assuring them that there will be visits to see old friends. The main thing is to get in to the same short sighted mindset that a young child has. They have very little concept of the future, and only really deal in ‘right now’. 3.    Ensure that you remain available.If your child is having difficulty dealing with moving house in the first place, then finding that their parent is now extremely busy and around less will only be an insult to injury. You need to be sure that your storage space packing and man with a van planning does not get in the way of the family time that you normally share. Promoting the family as a unit that will never change during these times is a difficult thing to do, as the stress of the move can get to be a little much, but you will no doubt find that planning cleverly will ensure that you can make it work.4.    Look in to baby sitters.Whilst you need to be around for your child as much as possible, they may get in the way of making the move work. There is nothing worse than having to spend extra money to correct situations that could have been avoided by preparing better, and this will affect the kids as well. If you can find someone to look after the children during times that you really need to be concentrating on the move, then you will be in good stead to get the whole thing going in an efficient way. Ensure that this person is someone that your little ones get on with, and you should have no trouble.5.    Get the kids out the way on move day.Kids + removal men with heavy furniture = disaster! Get them to a nanny, granny, or in front of a favorite film, anywhere but underfoot!