How to Ensure that a Landlord Chooses you

Published on Friday, 12 April 2013

How to Ensure that a Landlord Chooses youLandlords have the difficult task of having to choose a tenant. This is relatively easy, unless there are many people competing for the tenancy. This is then made even more difficult if all of the people who have applied are all very similar in terms of their financial situations, references etc. How does the landlord decide who gets the house/flat/apartment? Well one could just randomly pick a name, but there is something that you can do to avoid this situation. By making yourself stand out more than any other applicants, not only do you make the landlord’s task of choosing a lot easier, but you also put yourself at a great advantage, since s/he will end up choosing you. So what do you do to put yourself at an advantage? The answer can be found in this article. It will discuss all the little factors that are taken into consideration by the landlord, which should help you highlight your attributes.The first thing to do is ensure that you have all the relevant paperwork needed that is required to be seen by all landlords. These include bank statements, payslips etc. that will show the landlord that you can afford to pay rent. A reference from a previous landlord is also required, so that the landlord knows that you are a good tenant. If you have not had a previous landlord, a reference from an employer will also work a charm, since it will highlight your personality and advantages. Finally, you may wish to include a guarantor letter which is going to show your potential landlord that you are a responsible individual. Act quickly and make sure that you arrange an interview or a viewing as soon as is possible. Landlords do not have a lot of time, and like individuals who work quickly and effectivelyNow, you need to woo your potential landlord during an interview that may or may not take place. Alternatively, this can be done whilst you are viewing the place. How exactly are you supposed to woo your potential landlord? Well, mention all your positive attributes that you believe will put you at an advantage. Many landlords do not allow pets, so if you do not have any pets, ensure to bring that up in conversation. Similarly, if you do not smoke, it will work at an advantage to you. Landlords tend not to discriminate against smokers, but would much rather prefer non smoking tenants, since cigarette smoke can leave the house smelling undesirable and can affect the paint work in the house. It also raises the risk of fire. A good credit rating is required, since many landlords may do a quick credit check on you. If you have had bad credit in the past due to whatever reasons, but are not fully stable financially, you may want to write an additional letter briefly mentioning some of the issues you had and mention that they are now fully resolved. If you have any supporting documents e.g. bank letters, court letters etc. you should include these. Another way to make you more desirable to the landlord is to have a guarantor, which will show your landlord that s/he will be paid n matter what.Always ensure that you have enough money saved up to pay your first month’s rent and the deposit that the landlord requires. Showing him/her that you have the capital will also put you at an advantage. By taking care of little things, you will be able to show the landlord that you are indeed the perfect tenant.