How to Get the Best Roommate Ever

Published on Sunday, 04 October 2009

How to Get the Best Roommate Ever Mingling with other people requires so much effort, what more to make them one of your roommates? Choosing your roommate is something you can make favourable in your part. If you are not given an option in selecting your roommate, then do something about it. You should have to say about this situation because it is you who will live with them. To get the kind of roommate that will become your best buddies and friends, pick a real deal with your landlord. You can even ask your own friends to become your roommates so you wouldn't have difficulties in finding other people whom you will prefer to become your roomies. The kind of lifestyle that a certain person lives by is a determining factor whether you will click or not. Once you find your roommates, discuss with them house rules that you want to implement inside your apartment or boarding house. You can also make chores schedules telling who will clean during weekends and wash the dishes. If this doesn't work, then the best way to settle such dilemma is the simple rule: clean your own mess. If you find the best roommate you can possible have, you will be able to set things right in terms of living together.