How to Move When You Have Plants in Tow

Published on Tuesday, 12 October 2010

How to Move When You Have Plants in Tow Some people have a green thumb, and thus like to have plants around. Having plants around in the house give the space more life, and create a more natural atmosphere. This kind of thinking is not wasted on many people, hence they like to have as many plants in the house as practically possible. The dilemma arises though, when they have to move, as plants cannot be packed or transported as simply as other regular, non-living stuff.   The first thing you should realize is that not all plants will survive the move. You may have to consider the possibility of leaving them behind and allowing them to grow in their own environment. But if you really want to bring you plants with you, you can try to transplant them. It depends on the needs of you plants as to what kind of transplanting method will work best, so research on the needs about the particular kind of plants that you want to bring with you.   Plants are a great thing to have at home and for many people, taking care of them is very relaxing and fulfilling, and is a good way to give back to the environment too. But taking them with you on a move can prove to be more trouble than it's worth, and it might be best to just leave them to grow and thrive where they are and just raise and grow new plants in your new home.