How To Pack Your Moving Truck Or Removal Van

Published on Thursday, 01 May 2014

How To Pack Your Moving Truck Or Removal VanIf you’re moving into a new home or even a new office then there are plenty of things that you might have to concern yourself with. From planning to packing, there’s a million and one things that need to be done for you to move efficiently and easily. Packing your moving truck or removal van might not seem like a big or important job, but if you don’t pack your van using the right techniques and ideas then you might suffer from damages and breakages on moving day. If you’re unsure about how to load or pack a rental van and you’re looking for help and advice, here are some of the best ways and most useful tips to get you off to the best start possible! 1)    Make sure you have the right supplies.Before you load your van you need to make sure that all of your items are securely sealed so that nothing is going to open or come loose when you move. Use packing tape to fully seal all of your boxes and bags. If you’re moving lots of items of furniture then  it’s probably a good idea to invest in ropes or bungee cord so that you’ll be able to tie down any unsecure items. If you have large appliances then you might want to hire a dolly from your local removal company so that you can lift and move things such as your fridge or freezer with ease. 2)    Deciding what goes into the van.You’re going to need a few boxes of emergency supplies and perhaps even a toolkit that don’t need to be packed into your van. Make sure these are out of the way and in a car or other removal vehicle before you start to load it. Don’t put any items that are too fragile into the van if you can help it. 3)    Making your furniture travel-ready.Remove any drawers, loose shelves or other parts of your furniture before you load them into your van. These are likely to shift during transit and they can cause damage. If any items of furniture can be disassembled then this is also definitely worth doing. 4)    Loading the van.Start by loading the heaviest items, appliances and items of furniture into the van. These should be at the very back, and either tied down or secured in some other manner so that there’s no risk of them shifting or moving during transit. Tables and chairs should be stored upside down so that the biggest surface area is on the base of the truck. You might want to use a plastic sheet to ensure that the bottom of the van won’t scratch or tarnish your furniture or appliances. 5)    Loading your boxes.Once the heavy and cumbersome items are safe and secure inside your removal vehicle you can move onto boxes and other things that you might have. Take care not to pile boxes on top of one another and make sure you’re always aware of boxes containing fragile items. There should be no way that your boxes can shift or move, and if they can then try securing them down or loading them in a different manner. Make sure there’s easily enough room to close your van door without the risk of damaging any items.