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How to Protect Your New Home during the Unloading Phase of your Move

Published on Wednesday, 03 February 2010

How to Protect Your New Home during the Unloading Phase of your Move
Most people are so busy in preparing and buying packing materials that they tend to forget some items they also need during the unloading phase of their move.
One of the items that you need when you are already unloading your things is the carpet shield if you have carpeted flooring. A carpet shield is a good help in protecting your carpet from dust, mud, or any liquid for possible spill when everyone is busy moving back and fort inside and out of your house.
Carpet shields are non-slip surface and they are very resistant from tearing and reaping. It will save you from cleaning your carpet from heavy stains during the unloading phase of your move. Some are using blankets and they try to spread it across the floor to protect their carpet.
Another item that you may find useful during your move is a door jam gadget. It will help to open your door steadily. It will hold your door open and will keep you from putting down what you carry when you enter the house. It will save your door and furniture from scratches especially if your house door automatically closes when you enter. Try to install the carpet shield and door jam before you start unloading your things out from the truck.
These two items will help you unload your things efficiently. It will save you from additional work in cleaning after putting all your things inside your new house.

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