How to Save Your Things from Damage

Published on Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How to Save Your Things from Damage How to Save Your Things from Damage Packing involves a lot of planning and even strategy. You have to pay close attention to your packing if you want your belongings to arrive your new home without damage. Using the right packing materials is the first and foremost step to keeping your things undamaged. For one, clothes would need to be packed in wardrobe boxes instead of ordinary boxes. Such boxes would protect clothes from moist so even if something is accidentally spilled or if it rains clothes will not get wet and they will not get soiled. Glassware also demands a lot of care. They easily break with a slight drop or bump. So the trick really is to wrap them individually with rolls of bubble wrap before putting them in the box. You should also place enough padding in between them so they will not be easily be chipped. You can use wrapping paper or even fabric as padding. It is also important to make sure that the box does not get too heavy so it will not be torn during loading and unloading. When packing items of different sizes and weight, it is more ideal to put the heavier items in first and the lightest one last. The same thing goes in loading boxes in the vehicle. Heavy boxes should be at the bottom and boxes that are lighter and contain delicate items should be on top. By following these techniques there will be lesser chances of breaking or damaging your things.