How to Write a Move Out Notice

Published on Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How to Write a Move Out NoticeBefore vacating a leased house, it is essential to provide a move out notice to the owner of the house. It should include details such as reasons for vacating the house and any other messages you want to relay to the house owner.   In making the move out notice, remember to follow some tips. This will help you convey your message to the homeowner.   1. Start the move out notice with a header that includes your name, contact number and complete address. Do not forget to include the date of the day on which the letter is being submitted. Date serves as a proof of giving the notice in advance of the lease termination period. This time ranges from thirty to sixty days.   2. Following the header, include details regarding the owner of the house or the manager of the apartment complex.   3. Specify the date on which you wish to vacate the house. If you are breaking the lease, provide a convincing reason. You can even request them to check the house before you vacate, to ensure that everything is intact and without any damage. Doors, windows and carpets should be checked as well. Appeal them to return the security deposit at the earliest possible time.  Do not forget to include the forwarding address for the return of caution deposit.   4. End the notice with a thanking note, your signature and name written in bold letters.   Make sure to present all the information clearly without any errors. Clearly state your new address in the notice as this will serve you best once your security deposit will be forwarded to you.