Items That Need to More Care and Attention

Published on Sunday, 21 March 2010

Items That Need to More Care and Attention
The reason why you actually should hire a removals company is there are just so many items that would just inconvenient to transport in your car. For instance, you can't just bring large potted plants in your car. First of all, such items would usually be too long in your car. The soil could also get your car dirty. And since these plants can be heavy you would need help in carrying them anyway.
Large framed paintings and photographs can also be too big to be carried in your car. Aside from that the frames can also be fragile. You would need to cushion them with linen or quilted blankets so that even the photograph or the painting and the glass are protected too. These framed items can be heavy too. So to make your move easier, it would be better to let the removals company handle them instead. In transporting them, you should require a special box designed to hold framed paintings and photographs. Alternatively, you could also require straps so these items can be tied to the interior walls of the trailer and be safer while in transit.
Lamps also demand special attention. Ordinary end lamps have wide bases and shades that can be too big for your car so they should be packed well and they need to be transported by the removals company. Stand lamps are too long as well so it would be better to turnover their transportation to the removals company as well. These are only a few examples. Many more items require more care and attention during the move. And you should tell the removals company about them so you can be given a more accurate quote.