Labelling Boxes is NOT a Mistake!

Published on Thursday, 06 June 2013

Labelling Boxes is NOT a Mistake!If you have just finished planning a removal, you are probably about to start packing all of your belongings. Since it is by far one of the most time consuming, irritating, nerve wrecking tasks that you will have to carry out during the removal, you’ll probably want to rush though it and get it all done as soon as is possible. As tempting as that sounds, it is not the right way to go about it. Everyone knows that a task that is done whilst rushing around is less likely to be done successfully and properly. More things are likely to go wrong which you will later regret greatly. It is therefore that professionals always recommend that you take your time and pay attention to every little detail. One of the little details you need to pay attention to is labelling. Many people will neglect the labelling part of their packing process because they consider it useless or a waste of time. However, this article will show you all the reasons as to why you need to make sure that each and every box is labelled. The first thing to think about is convenience. Imagine that you have just packed some items that were in your kitchen, let us suppose you packed salad tongs. You throw a last dinner party with your loved ones and realise that you need your salad tongs, but realise that they are packed away. If your boxes are unlabelled, you are going to have a hard time looking for them. You will have to look through each box, with can waste time and cause you great frustration. However, if you had labelled the corresponding box with ‘kitchen utensils’ or something to that effect, it would take you less time digging them out and getting on with your day. The second thing you need to think about is unpacking. Professionals recommend that you unpack your belongings room by room, so that you are not left with items here, there and everywhere. How are you going to know which boxes contain items for a specific room if your boxes are not labelled? You will have to unpack all of your boxes at once which will cause a great mess and may well overwhelm you. Finally, another thing you need to consider is removal services. If professionals are going to be handling your belongings, is it not best that they remain informed about the belongings in your boxes. This does not mean telling them what is inside the box, but merely the nature of your belongings. Adding labels such as ‘this way up’ and ‘fragile’ will mean that professionals will know to take extra care when handling those boxes. Removal professionals handle many removals on a daily basis. By labelling your boxes, you are able to keep an inventory, allowing you to keep an eye on your belongings. Not only are you going to be able to ensure that all of your belongings end up at your new place, but you will also be able to check that your items do not get mixed up with anyone else’s items. Labelling your boxes is crucial for many reasons. It is more convenient for you, but also ensures the safety of your belongings whilst they are being handled by others. Professionals always recommend that you take out those extra minutes and label each and every box. You will not be sorry, so grab that magic marker pen and get scribbling. An inventory is recommended, but completely optional.