Making Friends with New Neighbors Once You Move

Published on Sunday, 09 August 2009

Making Friends with New Neighbors Once You Move Making Friends with New Neighbors Once You Move Being a part of a community is important whether you're moving into a new apartment or a new house. Establishing good relations with your neighbors and other members of the community is important to make your stay a more pleasant and normal one. When you move in, make sure that you don't become a nuisance to your neighbors. Don't have the moving truck park in a place where you don't block traffic or somebody else's driveway. And when you've settled in, try to practice being a good neighbor by being considerate of others by not being too noisy or leaving too much trash on the curb. You should also be considerate and courteous to people who might approach you to introduce themselves – they might drop in when you're tired or busy, but always try to take some time to at least talk to them, or invite them in for some wine or coffee if you can afford the time. Another thing you can do is to join community groups that share the same interests as you. You can participate in neighborhood meetings and meet new people there and have an active participation in the community. You can get to know more people through parent's associations in school or for churchgoers, church activities in the local parish, synagogue or congregation – which ever applies to you. The local gym can also help you integrate yourself better into the community – while getting you in shape at the same time. A more direct approach would be to introduce yourself directly to your neighbors. Take some time to take a break from your packing to knock on your neighbor's doors. You can also know the kinds of neighbors you have by doing this. You may also opt to bring to bring a small treat for them, like a sample of the local delicacy where you came from.