Making Furniture Removals Simple and Safe

Published on Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Making Furniture Removals Simple and SafeLifting heavy items is something we always try to avoid. It is a demanding task that forces us to exert all of our just to get one object from one place to another. This may not come up often so we can get away with the odd instance and as long as we have someone to help us it won’t be much of a problem. However, there will be times when you need to do lots of heavy lifting at once for example spring cleaning, making room for a guest and so on. These can push our limits like never before but one common task that will be even tougher is a home or business relocation. For such a job, all of your furniture and goods have to be transferred from one address to another and you will perform more heavy lifting than ever. If you are about to move and dread handling this task then you can make things easier. There are many ways that thing can be simpler, with the easier being hiring a removal firm. You can hire team of skilled people who know how to handle furniture and heavy boxes and will be able to lift and carry them to where you want them. They can lug things down stairs and through doors, load them on and off vehicles and then shift things into your new address. They will do this properly and safely so no one will be injured and nothing will be damaged. If you cannot or chose not to hire a removal firm then you can make the process simpler by reducing the amount of work you have to do. Moving to a new address is a new start and so you may want new furniture. You can leave all of your furniture behind or dispose of and buy new pieces to be delivered to your new address. This means you don’t have to transfer any furnishings but it can be very expensive to have all your old furniture replaced and delivered. You could get reduce the amount of furniture you have by selling it to second hand stores, at a local market or online, making a bit of money in the process. You can hire a skip to throw it away or have it collected by a local recycling depot. You may have friends, family or colleagues who are interested in it so you can give old furniture to them. When it comes to shifting large items, preparation is key. Purchase any items you may need such as wire or flatbeds, and the necessary tools to dismantle furniture. While some items such as sofas and settees must be moved intact, many pieces can be disassembled and later rebuilt, which is much easier to do. If it is not possible, at least take of any detachable parts such as doors and empty out any contents. Before anything is lifted you should know how many people are required, where they will hold the item, where it is being taken and what route is being used. The path should be cleared beforehand and having vehicles at the ready allows you to get everything done in one go. Everyone should take their time when carrying things, ensure they have a firm grasp and everyone should place down the item together if someone is loosing their grip. Coordinate everyone’s action when getting through doors or up/down stairs and stop to have a think if you are stuck. Moving your furniture can be tough but with this advice, some strength and a little patience you can conquer your carrying.