Moving A Triple Wardrobe Safely

Published on Thursday, 03 April 2014

Moving A Triple Wardrobe SafelyWhen you are moving house it is essential that you are aware of all facets of the removal, as this will mean that you are able to get a really great move going without having to rely on the removals company telling you what to do the whole time! In some ways, this means that you will feel a little more confident of the move going ahead smoothly, but don’t let your newfound interest in the removals industry get in the way of your relationship with your removals company, as they will have their ways of doing things, and they will not want someone that they view as much less experienced than them to be getting in the way! Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say, so be sure that you are not in the way! However, if you know what to do, then you can lend a hand if it is needed, and looking at the details of a removal will mean that you are able to get your head around how the whole things works. When you are moving a wardrobe, there are many things to keep in mind, and most of them will be doors. A triple wardrobe will have three doors, hence its name, and these doors will be a nightmare if not secured. So, your first move should be to secure the doors shut. Some wardrobes come with lockable doors with a latch, so simply closing them will be enough. Others are not secured, and will need tape or string to secure them. If you are using tape then be sure to avoid taping directly on to the wood or any other nice surface, as the tape can take off veneers or finishes, and can also leave residue that is difficult to remove. If you fail to secure the doors then they can swing open at any time, trapping fingers on the carrier, or opening just as how need to get the thing through a tight space.Wardrobes are heavy, but often quite flimsy. Given that they are not meant to be moved, many manufacturers aim to make them as lightweight and inexpensive as possible, so that they can be flat packed and built by the consumer. This makes for an affordable option, but not a particularly sturdy item. You will find that these lightweight wardrobes flex and twist a lot, and that is something to be careful of as it will put undue pressure on the joinery, and can even snap the wood composite that is commonly used in such structures.If your wardrobe is older or better built then it will likely be extremely heavy and will still need a great deal of care and attention! You need to ensure that the edges of these sorts of furniture are protected when being moved, as they can be scratched up irreparably if not treated well. You should ensure that the sack barrow that you use is well cushioned against being too sharp on the materials used in the wardrobe, and that when you pack it in to Th. Van, blankets and card are used to prevent things rubbing against it and causing abrasion on the surfaces. You can use heavy wardrobes as a great way to lock things in place in the van, as the weight will make them a lot more solid and less likely to slide around. However, it is still important that you lay the wardrobe down to give it the maximum centre of gravity that it can have, to stop it toppling over!