Moving and Packing Help: Some Tips with Boxes

Published on Monday, 12 October 2009

Moving and Packing Help: Some Tips with Boxes
Boxes are one of the most integral parts of a move. Boxes will be your primary storage and transportation aids as you load your items onto your rented van or moving truck. It can easily be said that boxes and packing can either make or break your move. Here a few tips to help you handle your boxes better.
1. Always keep the weight limit in mind.
Each box has a specific weight limit you have to follow, let you risk the chance of the box giving way to the weight of the stuff you put in it. It is even recommended that you leave a couple of pound off the weight limit to make sure that your box can handle the stress of transport.
2. Check you box sizes.
There are many box sizes, and you need to study them to be able to better utilize them to fit your things in. Medium sized boxes are the most used, of course, but there are some items where a smaller or bigger box will be more useful.
3. Consider renting or buying used boxes.
With all this talk on global warming and the environment, you can consider hiring reusable plastic boxes - which are more durable than conventional boxes - or used cardboard boxes. This not only helps the environment, but may also save you a bit more too. If you can't find any alternative to buying new ones, then at least consider selling them so other people can use them instead of having to buy new ones, enabling you as well to get back at least part of the purchase price.