Moving at Christmas

Published on Friday, 28 November 2014

Moving at ChristmasNormally Christmas time is busy on its own, with gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write, relatives to visit, and festive food and drinks to make. But if you choose to move during Christmas as well, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind to make sure that your relocation is smooth and doesn’t take away from the festive joy and spirit. Book well in advanceAs much as you would like to think that no one else is going to be moving on Christmas, there will probably be a lot more people like you who will be thinking the same. To avoid missing out on booking a removal service on the day you intend to move, book with the moving company as soon as you have your moving date confirmed. Plan for the weatherAlthough it is hard to predict the weather on the day of the move, it is helpful to look at weather notifications to ensure that you won’t be encountering any major weather crisis while you are moving house. If it snows on the night before, shovel the snow on your driveway, parking space and in front of the house so that the removals team does not face hindrance in their work. You will also probably leave the door open so that people can move in and out, which means so will the ice and cold. Make sure you have kept enough warm clothes outside your packed boxes to put on when you or your family feel cold. Notify everyone about the change of addressBesides letting your utility service provider know about your change of address, make sure that you notify all your friends and family as well. Do this well ahead of time so that your Christmas cards are not send to your old address. You might want to arrange for a postal redirection service with your local Post Office. Either way, as a precaution, also leave a sheet of sticky labels with your new address on it and make an arrangement with the new people moving into your house to forward them to your new address. Get your friends and family to helpMoving house alone is stressful enough, but add to that some kids, season’s excitement, bad weather and limited light and it becomes too much hard work for you alone. So don’t hesitate to ask for help from your friends and family. If you have kids or pets, ask your relatives, neighbours or friends to look after them until you are done with the move. Even if you don’t have either, you can always invite them over to help you with the packing and heavy lifting. Not only would that speed of the process, you would also not miss out on spending time with people you love and like.Beat the darkWinter means that it will get dark earlier. So on moving day, start early so that you can get the move into your new home done before the light starts to fade. In case it is entirely not possible to avoid the sunset creeping in, make sure you and the movers have torches handy as finding the light switches in a new place can be quite a challenge in the dark. Also, the earlier you move into your new place, the earlier you can get the heating on and have your new home warm for the rest of the night. Shop earlyDepending on how close to Christmas you are planning your move, it might be that some shops close earlier than usual. Even then, Christmas brings out a large crowd which means that supplies for the day may finish earlier than usual. So if you are going to pick up your favourite food, you might want to make an early food run or order a takeaway early on in the evening.