New Home towards Moving Green

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Home towards Moving Green New Home towards Moving Green Once you have successfully moved to your new home, you may want to double check first the rooms in your new home. Check out left items and possession of the previous tenants. You may want to look for a good room where you could store all the boxes that you used on your move. Keep your boxes with you, so that in the future, if you will be needing boxes again, you do not have to buy again. After checking the rooms and other storage in your new house, the next process is the cleaning process. If you are moving to green, try to use recycled or reusable materials as much as possible. Try to check if there are recycling stations near your area. Try to clean your windows, countertops, your floors before the professional movers you hired will arrive. Use biodegradable and non toxic cleaning materials and products when you do the cleaning. You can also consider hiring cleaning service team to do the dirty work for you especially if you moved to a bigger place. This will take care of everything before your professional movers come. Once your professional movers arrived, it is time to do the sorting and unpacking. This is where you will benefit the labelling process if you did a good job. It will be easier for you to distinguish on what boxes will go to what room in your new house.