Own Your Own Home as a Student

Published on Saturday, 09 January 2010

Own Your Own Home as a Student  Usually, student accommodations are comprised of dormitories or similar arrangements, where space and privacy is scarce, and you need to share everything with everyone. For some (or maybe even many) the frustration gets to the point where you start to consider buying some space of your own. While the thought does have considerable merit, the decision to own your own living space is hardly something to be taken lightly.   For one, owning your own space entails a big responsibility. You have to pay for all the utilities and do everything yourself, with no help and with no one to share chores with you. And unlike a dorm, there's much bigger space to manage. The financial obligations and the responsibility is really the biggest considerations for a student owning his or her own home, and even if you can afford it, there are certain perks you do get from living in a dorm for the time being.   It's really a pros and cons thing - nothing is really the better alternative. It really depends on your situation and your financial endowment whether owning your own lioving space is the way to go. In the end, weigh all the advantages disadvantages carefully and only then decide which way to go.