Packing Food for a Move

Published on Sunday, 10 June 2012

Packing Food for a MoveOut of all the things to pack, why pack food at all, right? Well not everyone does it but some of us do and there is a certain way to get it done and each form of food has its own way it should be packed. In this article we will touch on each of the foods that can be packed and how they should be packed. Knowing what can and can't be packed can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. There is nothing more disappointing than packing a whole bunch of food for a move then arriving and it is spoiled.

Can foods:
Canned food may seem like an obvious choice to pack but canned food can easily spoil too especially during a long move. To keep this from happening it must be transported correctly, different foods, different ways of moving them.

Canned meats such as tuna, chicken or processed beef can be packed but it must be moved in a certain way. Heat can make canned meats spoil in the presence of high temperatures and during moving temperatures rise quickly and canned meats will be ruined. This can however be prevented by keeping this box of canned meats inside an air conditioned vehicle. This will control the temperature and will likely prevent spoiling of the canned meats.

Some of the canned goods that can be packed without worry of them spoiling due to high temperatures are peas, corn, carrots, mushrooms and just about anything else that is canned in water. This is mainly canned vegetables.

Meats are really something that should not be packed and moved but if they must be, for example; if it is a short distance move then it is possible.

Meats such as chicken, steaks, pork, beef and any others should be packed in a cooler with ice and the ice should be changed frequently. If you are going to carry along meats then you should never let the ice melt completely before adding more ice to it. Remember to drain all the water that has built up, before adding fresh ice too. Water adjusts to temperatures easier than ice does, and if you leave a lot of water in the cooler when adding more ice that ice will melt much quicker.
It is recommended thought, to just throw a barbeque and use the meats before the move and replace them with fresh meats once you are in the new place, this is a much safer practice.

Vegetables and fruit:
Fruits and vegetables are quite a delicate subject some need to be refrigerated and some can go without refrigeration. The best way to move them is also in a cooler with ice. Just remember to store such foods like lettuce in plastic bags before putting them in the ice. For a more informed reading on packing fruits and vegetables check some online resources on what should be packed where. Also, remember that vegetables and fruits should not be exposed to large amounts of heats for prolonged periods this will cause them to go bad.