Packing Your Infant's Essentials When Moving

Published on Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Packing Your Infant's Essentials When MovingBaby diapers, cribs, sterilisers and feeding bottles - these are just a few things that you need to bring with you when you are moving with infants. It sounds so easy to put all these stuff together in one package. But this is not the case. You also need to pack these items accordingly.   Organising your infant's essentials is crucial to the moving process. You have to gather all the resources you have to make sure that their stuffs do not mix with yours.   How to pack your infant's essentials   Here are pointers in packing your baby's essentials:   1. Start by segregating baby clothing. White-coloured clothes should be separated from dark ones. You may also organise the clothes according to their uses. This will make unpacking of their essentials easier later on.   2. Put baby care products all together in one bag. Shampoos, colognes, soaps and other baby care products should be organised in a specially marked bag or box.   3. Pack their toys in another box. You should have these toys ready in one box. Label the box where you place them so that you may prepare the items once you are in your new home.   4. Proceed to packing larger items. If you still have the boxes for your sterilisers and cribs, you may use them to pack these essentials. Otherwise, you may order moving boxes from a moving company.   Make sure that you have diaper aids and extra clothing ready for the entire trip. Set aside some feeding bottles and small toys for the trip as well. There is also a special container where you may place infant formulas.