Putting your Home on the Market, How to Get your Property Ready for Viewings

Published on Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Putting your Home on the Market, How to Get your Property Ready for ViewingsSo you are moving home and are preparing to sell your house, it may feel a little overwhelming at the moment having so much to do and think about, but try not to get too stressed.   When you are moving home try to think about one thing at a time, avoid worrying about everything all at once or you’ll never get anything done.Viewings is something that you will need to consider at two different points, both when you first put the house on the market for sale and then when you know someone is coming to view your house.  Initially, when you are preparing your home for viewings, you should consider the things that you can do, improvements that you make and things that you could change to make your house look better.  When you know someone is coming to view your house, you should concentrate on getting your home, clean, tidy and completely clutter free.   The following is a guide to some things that you could do to make your house look better, when it comes to spending money on your home, only do so if you think it will add value to your property, otherwise keep your money to decorate your new home:Big changes that you can make to your home, that may increase the value of your home:•    Consider having a new bathroom and/or kitchen fitted. •    Do the windows and doors need replacing?•    Do you have central heating installed?•    Would a conservatory or a garage add much value to your property?Changes that you can make to the outside of the property:•    First and foremost, tidy your garden, cut the grass, trim any hedges etc. •    Consider adding flowers, bushes, tree’s, to make your garden look nicer. •    Does your garden have a drive-way or a gate…if you were to add any of these things would it add value to your house?•    Looking at your property from the outside, is there anything that needs doing, such as does the guttering need cleaning out?  Also have a look at the front door, is it clean and does it look new?  Would it benefit from a paint job or being replaced?•    In the back garden, again have a tidy, cut the grass, add anything that you think would make the garden look prettier, but always consider how much you are spending on things that you can’t take with you. Small changes that you can make inside the property:•    Re-decorate, strip the house of your personal tastes and add colours and patterns that will appeal to everyone. •    Re-carpet throughout the house. •    Change all light switches and plug sockets for brand new ones. •    If you can’t afford a new bathroom or kitchen, why not consider doing something like replacing the floor, or re-tiling?  Something to make the room look new again. •    De-clutter the entire of your home, box up anything that is personal to you and makes the house feel like it is yours.  Things like photographs of the family should be moved out of sight so that as you show people around your home they can start to picture themselves living there, they can think about where their pictures will go etc.  A clutter free home looks cleaner and tidier, furthermore it looks more spacious.  So anything you don’t absolutely need, consider storing away.  Things to do when you are expecting a viewing:•    Clean the entire house and every room in it, make your home look spotless. •    Avoid starting the washing machine or dishwasher, anything noisy like this is unwelcoming to someone viewing your home. •    Make sure your house smells nice, add flowers or bake some bread, make the house feel homely. •    Completely de-clutter, store everything out of sight.