Real Estate agents in Brent

Published on Thursday, 17 January 2013

Real Estate agents in BrentWhen you are looking at buying a new property or selling your existing property you will need to employ yourself an estate agent to help you.  It is best that you find a local estate agent, finding one in Brent itself would be ideal. An estate agent will help you to sell your property and buy a new one.  Estate agents work on a commission basis, so for them it is best for them to sell a property at as high a value as they possibly can.  If they are helping you to buy a property, this may not work in your advantage as the estate agent along with the seller, will want you to pay as much as possible for the house. Having an estate agent working for you can be very beneficial: •    Estate agents have excellent negotiation skills when it comes to buying and selling a property for as little price as possible.  Further to this they have a lot of experience and skills in dealing with buyers and sellers, and so may be able to apply some persuasion tactics. •    Estate agents have a large contact base which gives them almost an unlimited access to properties that may not yet be available on the property market. •    Relocation services are offered by some estate agents: relocation companies help you to move from one place to a completely different and new place such as Brent.  Not only will your agent help you to find a home in the new area, but they will also help you when it comes to finding schools, registering with doctors, dentists, opticians and vets.  Furthermore, your estate agent can offer you local knowledge and information about the new area, giving you tips on where is most suitable for you to live and they can even take you on a tour of Brent to help you to familiarise yourself with the area.Things to be wary of when employing an estate agent: •    While they may seem honest and trustworthy and will appear to be trying their best to get you the good deal, they may actually be lying and employing deception tactics in order to make themselves a bigger commission cheque at the end of the sale. •    To secure clients, estate agents may overvalue the property, knowing themselves that there is no way they can sell the house for that price, further to this, they have been known to create fake documentation that appears to show other similar houses in the area being sold for very high prices.  Estate agents may offer to help their client to secure a mortgage by providing them with some fake documentation. •    Sometimes real estate agents will use photographs of properties that are very similar instead of taking photos of the actual property for sale. Some estate agents even use photoshop on photos to delete anything unsightly. •    In pushing for a higher price and/or rushing the decision process estate agents will try a variety of pressurising tactics, for example, when showing a property they may receive a phone call and claim this is from another couple making an offer on the property, more often than not this is one of their friends or family members. •    Agents have been known to continue showing a property that they have already sold in the hopes of getting a better offer.  This is called gazumping. •    Estate agents, may value your home at a lower price and sell it to a friend or relative who is looking to buy.