The Cost Effective Way To Move

Published on Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Cost Effective Way To MoveMoving house can quite expensive. The decorating and new furnishings are only part of the cost without having to splash out for removal services too. Many people will attempt to move without the help which becomes so incredibly stressful that they go wishing that they hired in the first place. Hiring removals to help assist you when you move house or for a business removal is not as expensive as you may think and when you try to outweigh the benefits of hiring over not hiring many people will say, it’s well worth every penny!Of course there are many way in which you keep the costs down during a move and afford to hire removals too, here is our top list of ways to save when you move. 1)    Shop around for the best quoteWhen you start thinking about hiring removal men to help on moving day, try to allow enough time to seek a reputable company, look for evidence for positive feedback from others so that you know you are going to get a really good service on the day. Take not of the quote offered and use it later to tell other companies what price you were quoted as hopefully you can help to reduce the rate even further by doing so. Many companies are happy to beat the quote given but even if they don’t it’s good to know what the average quotes are so that you know you are not overly paying for this service. 2)    Save on The cost of packingWhen it comes to packing up your home to move, there are ways in which you can save on the costs. Try to collect as many boxes as you can and use them to pack the things which are not valuable and are unlikely to break. Then consider buying the packing materials from a removal firm for your more valuable items as this is the best quality packaging around! By using this it is the best way of ensuring that the possibility of any damage occurring is extremely minimal.Removal firms will send a surveyor to your home before you purchase the packing and boxes from them so that they can give you an estimated quote for the amount of packaging required, this is great because it means you do not have to overspend on this and you only buy what you actually need. A surveyor is usually a free service so it’s worth using even if you decide later that you do not want to buy the packing. 3)    Insurance!Have you thought about contents insurance? Do you already have it? Does it cover your items if they are going to be moved to another address? One way to get free insurance coverage for your items is by using expert removal packers to help with the packing, because they are fully trained it means your good are less likely to obtain damage anyway however it the inevitable did happen you’ve got the peace of mind in knowing that your are fully covered. Removal hire services take full responsibility for any damage that occurs within their care. 4)    Moving day!Ask the removal company for the cheapest days to hire their services, this could be on a week day or a weekend, and it depends on the firm. You may also be able to save money by opting to hire at a certain time of the day too. For example after 5 could increase the costs as it’s out of normal working hours. To find out more, speak to the removal company.