Things To Remember When Moving House

Published on Thursday, 13 March 2014

Things To Remember When Moving HouseMoving into a new home is very stressful, and with so many things to do and in such little time, it can be very easy to forget some of the most important parts! If you’re concerned that you’ve missed something off your moving house to-do list then have a look at these top things to remember for your moving day.1)    Changing your address.Lots of people forget to change their address when they move into a new home. This is easily done at your local post office, though it will incur a charge. If you forget to change your address then you could miss out on important information such as bills, which can lead to a lot of problems! Make sure that you’ve changed you address so that you can avoid missing out on any of your regular post. 2)    Registering with a new doctor.When you move into a new home you need to update your information with your doctor. If you’re no longer in the catchment area for your medical practice then you may need to find a new doctor’s surgery for you and your family. 3)    Packing your emergency box.An emergency box is a box that you keep separate from your other boxes, and one that’s brought into your new home towards the end of the moving process. Your emergency box or boxes should contain everything that you and your family are going to need for the first day or so in your new house. This should include clean bedding, cutlery, clothes, phone chargers, laptops, toiletries, food supplies and anything else that you can think of. If you’re moving house with a baby or toddler then pack them their own emergency box so that everything is on-hand for them when they need it. Having emergency boxes is a great way to find what you’re most in need of, just when you need it. Think carefully about what you’re going to want in yours before you start packing! 4)    Packing your emergency bag.An emergency bag should be kept on your person at all times during the moving process. It should be full of things that you might need on moving day, such as keys, paperwork and money to pay your removal company with! You might also want to hold on to valuable and difficult-to-replace items in here, such as your passport, birth certificates or anything else that you don’t particularly want to lose during the move. Medications and other emergency items should also be stored in here. It’s essential that you don’t lose this bag – try one with a strap that can be attached to you at all times! 5)    Sorting out a telephone and internet connection.You should already have the internet and a phone connection set up in your new home. Your first night in a new property can be distressing, but having the internet can keep you and your family occupied without needing to unpack and set up your television. The internet is also going to be essential for you if you are a working professional, if you have teenagers in your home or even if you want to keep on top of emails and other notifications that you might otherwise miss out on. If you don’t have the internet installed for when you move in, try to have it in place within 24 hours to cut-down on unnecessary stress and panic in your household!