Tips for Safe Packing of Fragile Goods

Published on Sunday, 27 December 2009

Tips for Safe Packing of Fragile Goods You spent countless years to complete your collection of wine glasses or angel figurines. Now that you are moving, your precious collection is at risk. Sooner or later, they may become broken while packing, loading, delivering, or unloading. Will you still move your fragile but precious collection? You can do that but there is a better thing to do-pack your fragile collection so that they will be safe for loading, delivering, and unloading. Here are some tips to successfully pack your fragile goods collection to safety:   -       Bubble wraps are helpful in protecting fragile items. These things protect your fragile items from breaking because these absorb collision. Some alternatives to bubble wraps are crumpled old newspapers or used clothes.   -       Fill in excess space in a box where you will put the fragile items. Doing this adds protection for the things during collision. You can use shredded paper or crumpled paper. Just make sure that there will be no space for any damaging movement of your things.   -       Label your collection's box "FRAGILE" and "THIS SIDE UP" so those who will load it will take care of it and will face the box to which the note "THIS SIDE UP" is written   Simple tips, eh? But most people don't realize that these simple things make a big difference for fragile goods during the move.