Tips On Hiring An Office Removal Company

Published on Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tips On Hiring An Office Removal CompanyHiring an office removal company includes preparing first and foremost, a moving checklist. Office moves are usually quite stressful because of the expected disruption to business, be it with clients, vendors or staff. London removal companies often do focus on office moves, and make it quick, affordable and easy for business owners to be able to carry out their relocations from one place to another. We have taken the liberty to be able to compile a list of tips for you, to make your move seamless and easier: •    When you prepare a checklist, make sure that it has practically everything that needs to be moved into the new place. It is surprising how many things are in an office and how much junk we hoard, until we make the move. This list helps us keep track as well as help the moving company keep track on all the items that are in the office and what needs to go where. Large items such as desks and filing cabinets as well as chairs don’t always g in one place and if something is once stacked or slotted into a specific place and it is the wrong place, it is challenging to be able to call back the team, to be able to sort this predicament out for you. It is costly when it comes to your budget as well as being costly when it comes to your time. Your checklist is able to make sure that when all your goods need to reach the intended destination, everything is in place.•    Find out the moving company’s reviews. There is nothing more important than finding out of a company is legitimate or not. Sadly, there are so many people out there who will set up websites and try and defraud you out of your money, leaving you none the wiser. Ask for recommendations, testimonials and samples/portfolio of experience of work when it comes to your office removals queries. You can truly never ask too many questions when it comes down to parting with your money and if someone is genuine, they will be happy to answer any questions to clear up any doubts you may have!•    Inquire if their rates include VAT or not. The thing with a lot of professional moving companies is because they are VAT registered, they often leave it out and quote you a price and stick the VAT charges on top. Always leave the 20% extra mark when you are asking for a quote and make sure that you are never caught unaware when it comes to any additional charges. •    Ensure that all their drivers are licenced to drive and are legally insured as well as when your items are being transported because if anything goes wrong with your items, the company should be able to hold liable for everything that has happened. It gives you peace of mind that professionals will be transporting your goods and makes your office move, much easier. It is also verification that the company is trustworthy.•    When it comes to furniture removals for your office, make sure that the people who are carrying it out to the van as well as into the new place are experienced in this, otherwise someone in the surrounding area can be liable for injury or hurt.