Tips on How to Do an Organized Packing

Published on Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tips on How to Do an Organized Packing
Packing demands time and energy. But with the amount of accumulated belongings over the years, the task could simply be discouraging. There's no need to feel this way. The trick is just to do it one step at a time and to start packing early so you will not be so much in a hurry. But before you put anything in a box, make sure you have already separated the things you no longer need. You can either donate or sell these items. Then you also need enough buy proper packing materials. Take note that you need many boxes. While it would be better to buy boxes of the same sizes, you may also need to buy special boxes like wardrobe boxes and a different one for chinaware. You would, of course, need lots of tapes to seal and support the boxes. For cushion, you need bubble wrap, peanuts and packing paper.
You should pack similar items together for easier unpacking. For instance, similar type of glasses should go in one box. Books should also go with other books. It would help to pack by rooms. And you should start packing the things that you don't use everyday first. Then as the day of the move approaches, you can pack more essential items.
Don't forget to label the boxes too. You can use letters to designate the room and numbers to assign priority for unpacking. This will make it easier for the movers to know where boxes should go to. It will also guide you as to which boxes contain more important items. Of course, you should also have an inventory of each box so you will know where to find specific items.