Tips on How to Make a Moving Insurance Claim

Published on Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tips on How to Make a Moving Insurance Claim
If you have expensive items such as antique china and designer furniture you have make sure that you get a moving insurance for the move. This will protect you financially should your belongings get damaged or lost during the move.
The higher the amount of insurance you get the better because the higher amount you'll get if you make a claim. But then this would also mean higher expense on your part. Just make sure that you know how much your coverage is. Know also how many days you have before you forfeit your claim. The standard is usually nine months. But it's always safer to check it. All the details are usually indicated on your insurance policy so make sure you read it thoroughly.
It's also better to make the claim as soon as you discover the damage or as soon as you discover something is missing. Bring the insurance policy and all the supporting documents. As a proof what was moved, it would help if you have an inventory sheet where both you and the lead mover signed.
But before that it's important that you make a complaint with the removals company first. Make it official by submitting a written complaint. Have a copy signed by the company. This will serve as a supporting document too.
If you do this earlier, you will have time to complete all documents. This will give you better chances of making the claim.