Truck or Van?

Published on Thursday, 30 July 2009

Truck or Van? Truck or Van? This is one of the most frequent questions by people who are moving. Vans are cheaper outfits but you run the risk of finding an unreliable one. Truck companies, on the other hand, while more reliable, tend to be more expensive, and you might not even need all that space. One of the things you obviously must consider is the amount of things you will be bringing with you. Van outfits might be suitable if you're just bringing a few boxes and some appliances, but if furniture is involved, then you might want to consider a truck, since furniture requires a lot more space than you think. Taking measurements and trying to visualize how to fit everything in a given space will also help in determining how big your transportation should be. You should also take time to research for reputable outfits on the internet. Try to look for ones with good customer feedback, and try to compare their rates and prices to you can find the one that will give you good value for your money. From an initial short list, you can make more detailed inquires through the telephone or through email and ask for rates and services particular to your needs.