Vital Tips When Moving With Computer and Its Peripherals

Published on Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vital Tips When Moving With Computer and Its Peripherals
When moving, it is important to pay attention to protecting the computer hardware and software. Here are savvy tips that will ease out your move:
Make a backup of all your files and programs in the computer. Save these files in CDs or DVDs and store them is a safe container. CDs and DVDs should not be exposed to sunlight so make sure that they are kept in secured locations.Detach the peripherals carefully and wrap them in bubble wraps and Styrofoam that are originally included in the package. If still available, use original boxes of computer peripherals as they can properly protect devices from jarring and shock. Label the boxes that will contain fragile items and secure them with masking tape. With the monitor, CPU, and printer, make sure that they are safe from scratching and cracking especially during shipping. Inform the moving team that these items need peculiar attention. If original boxes are no longer available, put them in sturdy moving boxes that you can purchase in stores.
Computer and computer peripherals require proper handling when packing and transferring. It is extremely important to label boxes with "this side up" and "fragile" so that the moving team will recognize that these are important and breakable items.