Weekly Planner for Moving Out

Published on Monday, 14 December 2009

Weekly Planner for Moving Out This planner will help you organise your itinerary for your relocation whether internationally or within states.   * Two months before Organise your belongings. Decide which ones to save and which ones go to charity, trash or garage sale.  Start buying boxes suitable for the stuff you will be placing inside, ask your removal company if they can provide any.  During your free time, you might want to create a floor plan so unpacking will be a breeze.  Finalise all essential contracts.  This is also a good time to notify your contacts and utility companies for address change.    * A month before Check with the utility companies if they have been able to modify your contact details.  Bring the kids to visit the new place so they won't have too much of a hard time once you move.   * Three weeks before Double-check with the removal company regarding the agreed dates and furniture to be moved. If you have pets, take them to a vet to administer any vaccinations or certificates needed.  Check if you can actually transport your plants.    * Two weeks before Backup your data from your personal computer as you will never know what might happen during the move. Start cleaning out your closet and letting go of some of your stuff.  Settle balances with your utilities and disconnection process.   * A week before Check the packed boxes if everything is still intact.  Make sure to empty all drawers, cabinets, shelves, and cupboards. Prepare the stuff you will be needing while on the road.   * Day before Call again your providers to verify the time and date.  Check all important documents related to the move and even those that are not.   * On the day Make a checklist with the driver or company representative of all the things you will entrust to them.  Take a look again at the whole making sure nothing is left.