Your personal moving checklist

Careful organisation and planning can minimise the stress of moving house.
Use our moving checklist to guide you through the three weeks leading up to moving day.
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21 days before your move
 Book your removal company
 Inform employer or pension provider
 Inform vet
 Inform life assurance company
 Inform dentist
 Inform contents insurance company
 Inform electricity company
 Inform DHSS
 Reserve storage space (if needed)
 Inform societies
 Inform credit card companies
 Inform clubs
 Inform supermarket home delivery service
 Inform water company
 Inform hospital if an outpatient
 Inform satellite or cable tv supplier
 Inform Inland Revenue
 Inform bank
 Inform DVLA
 Inform phone company
 Inform Royal Mail
 Inform domestic services insurance company
 Inform broadband supplier
 Inform optician
 Inform mobile phone company
 Inform car insurance company
 Inform house insurance company
 Inform TV Licensing
 Inform gas company
 Schedule experts to disconnect appliances
 Inform Council Tax office
 Inform doctor
 Order supply of boxes
7 days before your move
 Start packing inside
 Cancel newspapers
 Use up freezer contents
 Start packing garden, shed, summer house and garage items
 Label all boxes
 Cancel milk delivery
 Arrange for pet transport
 Work out how children will move
 Arrange for car(s) to be moved
 Spring clean
 Work out how live-in elderly relatives will move
1 day before your move
 Arrange to move personal and valuable items
 Final tidy up
 Put aside essentials for move day
 Empty bins
 Final clear of garage
Moving day
 Drop off keys
 Turn off lights
 Turn off water
 Read meters
 Turn off gas
 Check windows and locks