Man And Van Testimonials

Marlene Regan


This company has a very professional moving team. They worked diligently to ensure everything went smoothly. No challenge was too big for them. I would highly recommend them for any move.

Ismael Duckworth


Man with Van provided stellar service. Booking was straightforward, and their communication before moving day was impeccable. They arrived on time, were professional, friendly, super efficient, and very careful with my items and property. Highly recommend them.

I. Weis


The crew was amicable and worked with great enthusiasm. They easily managed extra removal items. They were on time and fully equipped.

M. Whiting


Exceptional service. Professional and efficient approach. Perfect for large moves.

Coy Henson


Early and efficient, the Man with Van team finished the job quickly. They were great to work with. Our sixth move with them was as stellar as the rest. Thank you!

Avery Pickett


Kudos to the movers for their outstanding service!

Arden Collazo


Thanks to Removals' reliable service, my move was completed without any hiccups from start to finish.

Marcella B.


It's refreshing to see such hardworking and dedicated individuals like these movers in action.

Kalista P.


I highly recommend these superbly skilled and attentive movers for any move.

K. Spann


I am beyond satisfied with this modern and efficient way of charging for moving services, writing a rave review without hesitation!

Domenic Rios


My faith in their ability to handle my delicate art collection was not misplaced; they did it with utmost care and precision.

Lukas Bello


Kudos to the movers for their exceptional work on moving day. They went above and beyond, earning themselves an A+. Thank you!

Vincenzo Keeney


Their kindness and cheerful attitude while addressing every request was much appreciated.

Sheyla Jaimes


From start to finish, this moving company demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to their work. They were punctual, professional, and meticulous in handling everything.

Gordon H.


Impressive job by this fantastic moving company! They arrived on time and worked diligently while taking great care of all my possessions.

Esperanza C.


The team at Moving Company displayed immense expertise and efficiency throughout the move.

Kiley Smoot


Competent movers - trusted to handle our possessions with precision and efficiency during our move in modern-day London.

A. Capps


Remarkable moving team- coordinated everything flawlessly during our relocation in and around the vibrant city of London.

K. Yang


ManandVan came highly recommended from our realtor and they truly lived up to their reputation.

Jazmyn Rowan


Highly recommended! Thanks to the amazing work done by ManandVan, we had a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

J. Keefer


We couldn't have asked for a better moving experience than the one provided by Man and a Van. Highly recommended!

Aditya F.


The team's professionalism and punctuality exceeded my expectations during the move.

Kameryn M.


A huge thank you to the removal team for their exceptional service and positive attitude throughout the move.

Orlando K.


Brilliant service yet again! Just as we had specified and confirmed with the removal team ahead of time. The trio of movers were composed, quick, and impressively capable!

Augustus Leahy


Our belongings were given gentle treatment from beginning to end.

M. Sauceda


Our interactions with Removals thus far have been excellent in terms of customer service; they are very efficient movers!

Jackie C.


It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional, respectful and helpful team from sales to delivery.

Skyla Burkett


The removers provided me with excellent service and their customer care over the phone was simply superb.

Conner R.


Brilliant work from ManandVan - they broke down and rebuilt our furniture expeditiously and it looks magnificent. Totally pleased with the move.

Messiah Harder


When I was moving a lot, I thought professional moving services would be expensive. I was amazed and thankful when I received a quote from Movers. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional moving service at an affordable price.

A. Gutierrez


Nothing was too much trouble for the man with a van from Removals. There was a lot that needed doing but he handled everything quickly and professionally. I've already recommended them to others and will no doubt be using their services again.

Fatima Goddard


My office relocation was causing me a lot of stress, and I don't know how I would have coped without Man Van. They have fantastic services, and their office moving service was nothing short of perfect. The help they offered me was exactly what I'd hoped for, the price was affordable and the moving teams worked swiftly and quickly. Excellent service - thank you!

Pierre Jacoby


I booked a full house removals package with ManandVan to help my mum move out of her home. As I don't know much about moving companies, I was a bit worried about being ripped off or let down but as we've got no other family in the area I didn't really have any choice. Anyway, I needn't have worried as this firm managed everything for us from start to finish. They were compassionate and supportive throughout the day and I would definitely use them again.

Whitney Sorenson


ManandVan! I can't thank you enough for everything! Without you, my entire move would have been awful, so I would just like to say thank you very much for all your help! It has been an easy and stress-free move thanks to you and I am forever grateful for your expert help and guidance. It would not have been possible without you. For anyone wondering whether to hire them, I say you should! They are a truly decent company.

Dominik Ragsdale


This is a great company for office removals. ManandVan did a fantastic job on my moving day and they handled all of my expensive computers and office equipment with great care and attention. I was pleased to find that the movers were professional and friendly, and they gave me loads of help and advice that I just couldn't have done without! I'm truly glad this is the service that I chose for my office move, and if I move again then these guys will be my first choice of removals companies!

Dalila S.


I have never experienced a removal as efficient and stress free as with ManandVan on our last job. They made light work of what seemed to be a pretty hefty removal, and I have to say that I was extremely pleased with how easily everything went ahead. You can't underestimate the difficulty of a job like moving house, and I find that the results that I have got from this team far outweigh the price that they charged, which was pretty affordable in the end. And excellent service, I must say.

Emilie M.


If you are the type that needs a fast house move, rather than taking ages over everything, then it is well worth giving ManandVan a call! We were bowled over by how easily everything went by, and from the planning stages to unloading the van, the movers were on it, making sure that all went ahead really well. I found the team to be really friendly, and I was extremely impressed by their hard working ethic as well. An easy and reliable move from a great team!

Troy Parris


I can't believe how much of a difference having a self storage unit has made to my life! I live in a small flat that just doesn't have the storage space that I need. Everything was crammed into small spaces and my flat was an absolute mess. I sorted the things I use from the things I don't, gave ManandVan a call and hired a small but well-designed self storage unit that's perfect for keeping all my bits safe and sound. Hiring the unit was really easy and didn't take much time at all. Getting everything set up in there was equally as quick, and my home looks so much better! This company is affordable and professional and I'd recommend them 100%!

Leonel R.


Moving house is a nightmare on all sides, but it can be saved with the help of a decent removals team. I have a great deal of faith in the team from ManandVan who have been instrumental in ensuring that we all kept our cool ore the duration of the recent removal, which could have been a particularly stressful one! I have saved their number, so that we can use them again when we next need a removals company to do a decent job on our domestic removals! Very highly recommended, a great team.

T. Lomeli


I have a lot of respect for those that go the extra mile to keep a customer happy, especially when that customer is myself! I had an excellent experience with ManandVan recently, as they were really great at ensuring that my every need was met, not that I am a demanding man. I simply wanted an easy domestic removal, and that is what I got. No bells, no whistles, no damages, no hidden charges. Perfection in my eyes, I hope everyone else gets the same level of service and value as I did!

Kaylie H.


I required a storage facility on a two weeks basis before I moved and found that ManandVan catered for my every need from packing to transporting, storing and moving. I paid slightly extra for the extra wrapping service, but it was worth every penny. They handled my items with the utmost care and there was no damage or scratches when they delivered them to my new home. All in all a top class service from a top class removal company, that will be hard to beat.

Lillian L.


Having used a lot of movers for commercial reasons over the years, I've had hands on experience of just how poor many moving firms are. Some seem to think they can just pitch up on the day with a van and a few burly chaps and get the job done. ManandVan, however, were all about putting together the best possible service - just for us! - and made sure they were well equipped and well prepared for moving day. They gave our company hands on care and attention we haven't encountered anywhere else. Top marks lads!

Sarah D.


I hate moving house, I doubt many people actually enjoy to be honest because the whole process is just a massive head stress. For anybody planning a move right now, take my advice and don't do it alone!! I have learned from this mistake believe me, I did this two years ago and never again would I even attempt to go down that route again, it was a complete and utter disaster lol thankfully this time I happen to come across a company that were very helpful, and they really did take the stress out of moving. A massive thanks to ManandVan for all of their hard work!

M. Gilbert


Shocked there aren't more online reviews for ManandVan. I wouldn't normally give anyone an online review (good or bad) but I feel they deserve it! I came across this moving company quite by chance and was really delighted that I did. Haven't had much experience with moving firms before, admittedly, but ManandVan are by far and away the best removal company I've used - and I will certainly be using them again! Felt like I was taking a risk given I needed to transport antiques but they knew exactly what they were doing - everything reached its destination in perfect order!

Janie D.


ManandVan is a highly professional company that I trust for everything I need in regard to moving. So if you need help with moving, let them help you and I can guarantee you won't be let down by them for they are the best I have dealt with. They will not let you down. The guys that delivered my belongings to my new home were so professional and I couldn't say a bad word about them. They surprised me because I wasn't expecting such a great service, I really wasn't! So give them a call and I guarantee you will love these guys!

Adan G.


Moving house is one of those things that you never really get the hang of, and I have to say that I am pretty pleased about that, as it is simply due to the fact that you don't have to do it that often. When you use a company like ManandVan however, all of that fear goes out of the window, and you don't really need to know much about the removals process, because they can do everything for you! Not only that, but they guide you through the process, ensuring that everything is planned well, and nothing gets broken.

Jase F.


There's not much more to add to the other compliments which I see ManandVan receiving everywhere. Indeed, that was a big part of why I hired them in the first place, knowing that they'd been so widely praised both only and be friends who had used their services. But now I can definitely say that they are well worth the praise that they get and there is an obvious reason as to why so many people are so quick to praise them. They did an excellent job with helping me move home, so thanks once again to the team.

R. Pereira


I've never had such good service from anyone as I did recently from ManandVan! They really do go the extra mile to ensure that you are well cared for, and that your things are treated equally as well. I did not find a single breakage, which may sound like normal procedure, but with a removal of the scale that we went through, it was a miracle that everything got shifted in time, and with no issues! The staff were friendly, and the organization was easy, so I have to thank all there for such a great removal.

D. Jeter


I was moving into a new flat on my own, and I had a lot of furniture to take with me. I wasn't sure how I could manage to lift it, or how I could even get it to my new flat. I contacted the company looking for a man and a van who could help me with this problem. I ended up hiring a fantastic member of staff who was really friendly and managed to tackle all of the jobs that needed doing! I was panicking about moving day, but the mover from ManandVan managed to take care of me and all of my belongings. The move was really easy and I couldn't have done it without the help of this amazing removals company!

D. Donnelly


ManandVan gave me all of the help that I needed for my moving day. I was really nervous to move as I've never moved on my own before, but I got lots of help and advice from my man with a van. He was able to get all my belongings into the van really quickly, and was very friendly during the process too. When we got to my new house the unloading was just as fast, and I was very pleased to find that nothing got damaged in the move. If I were to move again I think I'd hire the same company as they have lots of services that are all in my price range. I've told everyone I know about my great experience with this company! Thanks!

N. Paulsen


My elderly Mum was moving in with us and had a lot of things to move. We had previously used ManandVan and though they were great so we contacted them to arrange a quote for her. We were pleased with the results, and immediately arranged a date. From the beginning to the end it all went so well. The team was friendly and hardworking and jus simply got on with it. They sorted the packing, loading and unloading and everything went well. No damage and all my Mum's possessions were safely placed in her new flat. The cost was reasonable and I would certainly suggest you use this service if moving.

Quinton H.


I can recommend ManandVan for all of your moving needs. Getting there help was probably the big difference maker when we were moving home and it helped us settle in quickly. I've not sure people realise how much of a difference the settling in time makes, and it can make or break a move. Thankfully, our move was thoroughly made and made well. After moving quite a few times between us, neither one of us could remember a better experience. So it is with all of our conviction that we heartily suggest you hire their services.

Trent Potter


If you've never moved home before, it can be a really daunting process. The whole idea of your things being carted about in boxes is very worrisome, and I was petrified of what was going to happen. My mum suggested that I give ManandVan a call and from that moment forth everything seemed to be ok. They moved everything swiftly and efficiently, and all of my possessions are completely fine. And they did so at a really low price. They really helped me out during my first move and knew exactly what I needed. Top professionals.

Lyndsey Thacker


They came, they saw, they delivered exactly what I needed for an incredibly low price. I've been on the lookout for the right removals team ever since I knew I would be moving home and a lot of people had come to me and suggested ManandVan as being able to offer a good service at a good price. And this is exactly what I got; they came and made sure that everything I owned was moved in a stress free and efficient manner and I paid far less than I thought I might have to. Excellent service, so thanks once again.

Ingrid C.


I was handed the details for ManandVan by a friend who knew we were moving home and advised to call the as soon as possible. We have a load of junk around the house, but it's our junk and we wanted help with moving it. As such, the whole team were incredibly helpful and managed to get everything done for an incredibly reasonable price. It's things like this which make such a big difference during all the upheaval of a move, so I can safely say that their help was hugely appreciated and I shall certainly suggest them to anyone moving home.

Efrain Quigley


I used ManandVan's man and a van service to pick up a few larger items I had purchased second-hand and simply couldn't fit in my car! But what a great service, it must be said; really great value-for-money. The gentleman who came to my house (in his van) was really nice and he helped me with everything over the course of a few hours; he drove, helped lift and carry, even took the responsibility of strapping everything safely into the back of his vehicle. Just a real hard-working professional, one who made all the difference to me in that situation. Thanks.

G. Buckner


Looking through all these reviews, I must say that I'm not surprised. Got to say that my experiences have been much the same, with the guys at ManandVan doing a huge amount to make sure that we really felt taken care of. Our move was fairly typical, but every member of the crew contributed to making it a simple and stress free affair. It's nice to know that they're consistent, even across the more simple cases where there's not much expected of them. Really consistent quality service all round, wish them the best in their future endeavours.

J. Lockett


I've gone through a few tricky moves in the past, so you can imagine my delight when I was settled in my new home in no time at all. Thanks to ManandVan, I found the entire process so incredibly simple. This isn't really a case of one thing in particular, but more a case of a fantastic all round service. Form the friendly team to the price, I was happy with every element of their service, so I thought it would only be fair to get on here and tell the world how happy with it all I was.

Aron G.


ManandVan just proved today that you do not have to be a doctor, fire fighter or policeman to be a hero! My home was flooded due to a burst water pipe so I needed to move and fast! Within a few minutes of my initial phone call a van with 5 movers arrived on my doorstep ready to get the job done. Regardless of the fact that some of my furniture was already sopping wet; these movers painstakingly tried to dry them out and then carefully wrapped them to prevent further damage prior to loading them onto the van. They worked so fast and efficiently that my belongings were safely loaded in a matter of minutes!

Angelique T.


Packing my house was really easy with the help of ManandVan. I wanted to get my whole house packed up and ready with plenty of time to spare because I knew that, with my hectic work schedule, there just wasn't a better way to do it! The help I hired were very chatty and very professional and they made me feel really comfortable. I thought I'd be nervous about leaving my belongings in the hands of strangers but I couldn't have been more thrilled with the work they did! I love this service and would suggest it to anyone!

Zakary Roy


I was so happy with my experience with ManandVan that I just had to write a review! I don't really know much about removals and my house move was really getting to me, so I chose to hire professional movers. I spoke to the company and they sent me some very experienced and reliable staff who got to work without any fuss at all. They moved everything into the removal van with great care and even made sure everything was secure enough for transit. I had help unloading too, and they also got my furniture set up in my new house which I wouldn't have been able to manage on my own! Thanks for all of the hard work!

J. Cloud


When I decided to move house all of my friends told me I should call ManandVan and hire myself a man and a van to take away some of the pressure. I didn't really want to spend any more money than I already had, but the man with a van service was really affordable and they seemed like a good company. I can now honestly say I have no idea how I would have managed without a professional mover! He kept me calm, did all the lifting and loading and got me safely settled into my new house without me having to panic! A great service!

Tristin P.


If you are serious about moving house, then you could probably do it yourself. However, any one that tried to do so without talking to ManandVan would be completely mad. You would miss out on a great quote, a great team, friendly staff, and a great job all in all! I found myself marveling at how excellent they were on my recent move, so I'm sure that they would be the same for anyone else out there who was after a great move from an experienced team. Get going, call them now!

Karley Seidel


The Wilson family would like to say a massive ‘Thank You' to all at ManandVan for making our recent removal quite such an easy one! You never know how things like this are going to go, but we were lucky to have found such an excellent team of removals men as we did. There was no damage, nothing broken, and the move was quick, simple and easy, what more could you ask for? This lot are well worth your time and money, so try them on for size!

A. Burrows


Encouragingly, the team on the other end of the phone were very nice when I called ManandVan. The price was excellent as well, which is why I had called them in the first place, so you can imagine how happy I was to find that the service they delivered was excellent as well! If you can, snap them up for your removal, as you will not get better value for money, or a nicer crew of people as I did from this lot!

Jerod Carr


I moved house with ManandVan after seeing a review on the internet. I had researched a number of different companies but felt ManandVan offered flexible services at an affordable price. They provided excellent man and van services, efficiently packing up my belongings and loading them into the moving van without damage. They had competitive prices and excellent service, so I would definitely chose them in the future. I recommend them for anybody who has a larger home move and in need of assistance. They can provide reliable and efficient removal service.

Dorian Nunley


After talking with numerous removal companies, I finally settled on ManandVan to execute my company move. I didn't have much time to get the process finished and I had a lot of arrangements to make myself. The staff at ManandVan were able to work with the office routine and pack on days that were most convenient for my business. There wasn't much business down time because they were able to work on the weekends and at night, when the office was less busy. They were accommodating and most importantly affordable. I couldn't have asked for a better service.

Sterling Chapa


Without the help of ManandVan, I would have never been able to complete my home move. I started the move by myself thinking that I would be able to handle it. But very soon, the task got over my head and I needed a little assistance moving larger furniture and heavier objects. After a quick call to ManandVan they were already preparing my move. They were quick to get started and offered me a fantastic price for their services. I would hire them again in a heartbeat and I definitely recommend them.

Coleton C.


I had used incompetent movers in the past and was really hoping that this time, I would choose the right company. Luckily, ManandVan provided an excellent and thorough service. They were able to diligently wrap my furniture and pack my belongings. The move itself was organized which made the unloading process quicker and easier. All their professional staff were friendly and always prompt. They ensured that I was informed and felt comfortable throughout the move. And, most importantly, their prices were affordable and competitive. They were a fantastic service, I wouldn't hesitate calling them again in the future.

Noel B.


ManandVan were amazing on our recent removal! I could not have done it without them! The price was excellent, and the team were lovely to have in the house. All very polite and very very hard working. The move went by without fault, and I found the whole thing to be extremely simple and straight forward. If you are at all concerned by the prospect of getting a removals company round, call this lot, they are the best!

Keith Baum


Having used various removals companies over the last few years, I am happy to have found a keeper in the form of ManandVan. They were absolutely fantastic on our last move, and I really appreciated how hard everyone on the team worked to make sure that my husband and I were moved safely and securely. You will find no lovelier a bunch of people, they were easy to get on with and seriously good at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone out there who needs a solid removals company.

Alana Albertson


Hopefully all removals companies are like ManandVan, but as it was my first ever move, I cannot tell you whether they are! The move went really easily, even for a first timer like myself, and it was all down to the team. The guys were really friendly and helpful, making sure that nothing got damaged, in boxes or in the house. All of our stuff arrived safely and we were surprised to find that there was no dirt trodden into the carpet or anything, as they had put down mats! That's the kind of thing I would not have thought of, which is why it is great that we had them around helping us out!

Kendyl J.


Should anyone be in need of a fantastic removals company, then they should look no further than ManandVan. You find them to be extremely helpful, wonderfully polite, and fantastic at their job. The team really were excellent in everything that they did, and I cannot thank them enough for being so easy to work with. The move went ahead just fine, and nothing was damaged, so when it came to paying for it all I was happy with the price, as the job was such a good one! I hope that everyone takes my advice and uses this lot.

N. Perales


Hopefully, everyone out there will listen when I say that ManandVan are amazing! I had never expected that I would find a company who could reduce the stress of moving house in the way that they did. It is beautiful thing to be able to move house without the stress of everything going wrong. The firm were all so experienced and skilled that it was pretty much impossible for anything to go wrong, and nothing did! Top marks, ten out of ten!

Lourdes Price


I recently used ManandVan for my removal. The whole thing went rather smoothly, and I have no complaints. This was surprising, as I went with the company because of how cheap their quote was! In a way, I was expecting everything to be a little slapdash and slack, but instead I got a tight team of removals experts who made light work of getting me between properties. The fact is, you do not see that anymore; even when paying top dollar, it is rare that you get an attentive service, so I am happy to report that there are still some good workers out there.

Sahil B.


I'm not quite sure why, but I felt really rather well looked after by ManandVan on our recent move. It was probably just because everyone at the company seemed to be so nice, which lean a familial vibe to the move, which made everything a little more relaxed. My husband found it a bit too relaxed, but there was nothing to complain about, as everything got done properly, and well within the allotted time frame. Maybe they were just being steady and calm to ensure that nothing was damaged. Whatever it was, it worked a charm for us!

Rhianna B.


Happily, my recent removal was not as terrible as I had imagined it would be. Moving house is always horrible, as there is so much to do, and rather than working hard for money, you end up spending an arm and a leg to get it all finished! The guys from ManandVan were a great help in making it all a little less stressful, and I felt like the price I paid was well worth the help that I got from them, which was a relief. A great job, thanks all round.

Sean M.


Three cheers for ManandVan who made our move so much easier! The team were polite and diligent, with little time for standing around and chatting like I expect so many firms tend to do. This lot were excellent all round, and really made sure that we were well looked after. The boxes were handles well, and the furniture came away unscathed, so for the price, I was very happy! Anyone looking for a great team to get a solid job done well could do little better than this lot, thanks to all there who helped us.

Roberto Schafer


Having been on the phone with ManandVan I decided to go with them, as they seemed to know what was going on. You never really know what you are going to get though, so I was very pleased and surprised when I found out that they were great to have around, and fantastic at their job. The boys made light work of the lifting and shifting, and nothing was broken. The planning and extras were all really helpful, and I was seriously pleased to have such experience on my side throughout the process. Amazing work.

Kolton Adair


Given the size of our place, and the amount of junk in it, I was pretty convinced that moving house would be a proper nightmare. We didn't really have time to sort out the stuff we wanted to move from everything else and to dump it all, but our removals team helped a lot. They just got us to pack up all we wanted, and leave anything that we didn't, and they transported everything to the recycling plant. We had to pay extra obviously, but it was worth the price, as we had been really stressed about it, given how busy we have been. A* to ManandVan!!

Leland D.


Moving house was a scary prospect, especially as I was looking at having to do it alone. I gave ManandVan a call to see if they could help me out, and it turned out that they do smaller moves as well as full sized ones. They sorted me out with a larger van, a couple of guys to help out, and gave me some great advice on packing and things like that. The guys who helped were great, and everything went really well. A top company who did a top job, thanks so much!

Tyla Crow


Knowing that I was probably going to get ripped off, I went with ManandVan because I had to move at really late notice, and they could fit me in. I know you're meant to know exactly what you're doing and book your removals company as early as possible in this business, but in reality, I was completely stuck. The wonderful thing is, I would not have gone with anyone else had I known how great they would be! The team were friendly and efficient, and I could have asked for little more off of them.

Yisroel H.


Moving house is the worst, and I was properly dreading it, but in the end, it can always be made easier by having the right removals team, as they can help out with so much. Whether it was packing questions or lifting heavy items, the guys at ManandVan made my life a lot easier, and really knew their stuff. Having them around meant that I was able to voice concerns about anything that I was worried about, and in essence, they helped me get everything right! Thanks to everyone on the team that made the move so easy and efficient!

Kyndal Garibay


Getting to know the people who helped me move house was almost as much a pleasure as getting to the new place. I was pretty sad to say good bye to the guys from ManandVan as I stood on my new doorstep, as they had all been so nice and helpful! They made sure that the move went without a hitch, and ensured that everyone in the family was well looked after from the minute they got to our house. There was no damage, and the fee was pretty good value as well, so I'm completely happy.

Laurel Tidwell


With removals, you need to know what you are doing, or at least have someone involved that has a clue. In this case, I am not the man to talk to, so I was pretty lucky to have the team from [COMPANY NAME} around to help me out with the move I did recently. Getting everything organized is not my forte, so it was great to have a set of guys who do this day in, day out, and who can ensure that I was not going to mess anything up. The job was a great one, and well worth the price.

Tyshawn S.


There are very few people out there who could move themselves form one home to another without the help of a great removals team. Thankfully, I put the idea of being one of those people out of my head and called ManandVan, well my wife did. I am pleased to say that we had a great time with them, the whole family warmed to the friendly removals team, and the whole thing was planned out with military precision, so that there was no doubt in anyone's mind that it was going to be a great operation. Nothing was broken, and everyone was happy at the end, despite being worried that it was going to be hell on earth!

M. Littlefield


I have to give warmest thanks to ManandVan for making our removal so much more easy than we ever could have imagined! They really did make us feel well looked after, explaining everything as we went along and ensuring that we were well in the know at all times. The prices were great, the service was excellent and I would certainly have no qualms about going back and using them again. I would recommend these removals experts to anyone who is looking for a quick, easy and efficient job, no matter your budget or time of year!

Bruno Healy


My family moved to a bigger house recently and it was quite a busy and stressful time for us all. Packing everything we owned and getting our old house tidied up was hard to do around work. When we called ManandVan and asked them about their moving services, they told us they could provide us with all the packing materials we needed, and even do it all for us! They came days before the move and helped us pack up all our kitchen items, picture frames, books, furniture and clothes and this really helped us to get ready for moving day.

Bryanna Cody


Working in London is hard going and finding yourself a place to live isn't easy. It's even harder when you are moving into house shares and city centre apartments and don't have any transport. ManandVan offer a man and van removals service which is very handy if you live alone, or need to move into a shared house, and don't have the means to complete removals. They were able to send me a man and a van at the weekend, so that I could move when I wanted to, and help me get all my belongings into an apartment building on a busy street. Without this fabulous removal team, I'd have been a bit stuck!

Kaia Boudreau


After reading their excellent online reviews, I enlisted ManandVan to carry out my office move. The move itself was rather tricky, as my office contains a mix of items that either belonged to me or were remaining with the company which I was leaving. The movers followed my instructions to the letter, with only the correct items packed and removed from the office. In addition, the firm were happy to carry out the removal in the evening, which meant that I was able to move out as soon as my work was finished for the day. Overall, the entire process was flawless and was carried out professionally throughout.

S. Snyder


ManandVan showed a high level of respect and professionalism when they carried out our office removal this month. All of the office furniture was disassembled and put back together with care in the new premises, while all computers, printers and other electrical items were handled with the utmost care. We were extremely pleased to hear that the movers were willing to work out of working hours. This meant that we were able to move office without any disruption to our business' productivity. I would definitely recommend this firm, who, at all times, approached their work efficiently and with care.

D. McCloud


What can I say? You simply will not find a better removals service anywhere. My girlfriend and I have used them twice now in the past so many years, and both times it has been an absolute pleasure. Booking in with them was so easy (all we had to do was give them a quick ring) and before we knew it we were moved out and on our way. Most impressive bearing in mind that my wife and I had had little time to prepare the move ourselves because of shift patterns. Thanks to ManandVan though this did not matter and the job was done fully and properly. Cheers team!

R. Morrell


I am writing to say thank you to your team at Removal Company but particularly the packing team that you have. Firstly, when we moved our moving date forwards they were really helpful at short notice, but they also travelled with us to help us get unpacked. Having 3 young children all we wanted to do was get them in bed as soon as possible and thanks to having a whole team at our disposal we were able to get them in and settled very quickly. Everything else was great but I just wanted to say thank you in particular to the movers.

Asher Osorio


I cannot thank the removal team at Man with Van enough! They provided an excellent service when they relocated my home a few weeks ago. They were extremely informative and offered me great advice about how best to start the organizing and packing process. Their prices were affordable and they offered a friendly service. I couldn't have gotten a better company for my home removal and I would recommend for a small or large home move. Thanks!

Kiley S.


I cannot recommend ManandVan highly enough. I had to move house with extremely short notice and needed a full-service removal company that could do the whole job within a quick time frame. ManandVan provided exactly the services I needed and were friendly and affordable too. If you have to move quickly, then you need professionals to sort out the arrangements and they are definitely your team. I was so impressed with their service and I'll definitely be saving their number.

Theodore R.


The team at Man and a Van were reliable, affordable and friendly. They provided me with top-notch services for an affordable price. I needed full-service moving as I am a busy professional and don't have much time to pack. I needed a company that could work on my schedule and provide the appropriate services for my move. I found all that in Man and a Van. Their workers were reliable and efficient and worked on my time so that I could continue with my routine before the move. I definitely recommend them for any type of move.

Carter Weaver


Man and a Van was perfect when they did my home move recently. They offered me professional and affordable service and they delivered just what they said. They were extremely efficient in packing my belongings safely and they provided assistance throughout the process. They offered me storage options and were able to move all my large belongings. I couldn't believe how quickly there were able to move everything. I definitely recommend them as they were friendly and worked great together. Thanks!

Tiffani G.


I had arranged an office move before and was extremely dissatisfied with the kind of service I received. I chose Man with a Van this time after a recommendation by a co-worker. It was the best advice I have taken! They were extremely professional and reliable and worked every detail to my approval. Their prices were unmatched and their service was top-notch. In the future, I will definitely call Man with a Van for my moving service. They're a great investment!

R. Turpin


I had been looking for a reliable moving company for weeks when I found Removal Company. They provided high-quality service and met all my expectations. My home move was a complicated process and I really needed a moving team that was reliable, friendly and efficient. They provided me with great packing support and safely moved all my belongings. All their staff members are hard working. I would definitely recommend Removal Company for your home move as I found no problems with their service!

F. Montgomery


I am so grateful to Man and a Van for executing my home move so professionally and affordably. I was able to move to my new home without any hassles or upsets. They were able to efficiently pack all my belongings, even my fine artwork and fragile silverware. They gave me invaluable advice about storage facilities and other aspects of the moving process that made my experience with them perfect! I would definitely recommend them to anybody who is considering hiring a company to do their home move. They are polite, affordable and friendly!

G. Main


My office was starting to become old and not large enough for my firm so it was time we moved. We are very busy most of the time so preparing and undertaking a move wasn't something we could easily do. One of my staff told me about Removal Company and after one phone call to them, I was happier about the move than I'd ever been. Their hardworking team were able to pack everything in the foci safely, carry all the furniture and get everything to the new office. They allowed us to relocate to a new office without any difficulty.

T. Lincoln


I had slowly been packing my belongings up before my move but I still wasn't ready for it when it came. I though with packing out the way it would be a breeze but I had many heavy containers to carry, not to mention furniture, and my car wouldn't fit some of them in. Wanting my move to go smoothly, I called Man and a Van for help. They gave me everything I needed, starting with a team who could carry my goods and then drive them to my new address without problem. The next time I move, I'll call them immediately.

Mackenzie McAdams


I was prepared to handle my move myself but as I began packing, I felt I might not do it properly. Hoping to get some advice, I contacted Man with Van. Their operators gave me all the information I needed so I could pack my belongings safely. I was talked I realised I may not be able to carry my furniture, transport everything and would need places to store them. I decided to hire their staff to help me and never regretted it for second because it ensured everything was completed correctly.

W. Tang


When my son moved out, I felt that my home was no longer what I needed. Now living alone, I wanted somewhere smaller and closer to friends and family. My son had utilised Removal Company for his removal so I gave them a call. They showed great care for my removal, and were eager to give me what I needed. They gave me information, materials and sent team of experienced people to pack and transport my goods. After this, they have my entire family's endorsement.

Valeria W.


I had been comparing various moving websites for a few weeks until is settled upon Man with Van. I knew that if they delivered on what the promised, I would get a great experience. They provided exactly what the promised, and that was a quality relocation. They did everything from giving me advice to packing my belongings and transporting them to my new address. Their staff was helpful and informative, ensuring that not job was uncompleted and that I knew all the important information. They lived up to what they advertised and so I can safely say they outshine other moving companies.

Tyrone Blount


The company I called for help to assist with my move did just that. They were able to give me all the information I needed, answer my questions and more. They took into account what I needed. Their team of movers were top notch, handling each job with precision and skill. They were able to drive all my goods to my new address within the hour and I was starting my new life in my new home later that day. Man with Van helped me with my move and they can do it for you too.

Cristal Barnett


I have never moved home before so I wasn't ready for all the work that had to be done. I was having difficulty packing my thing, as I couldn't get them fit in the boxes and I wasn't confident about their safety. I struggled to carry the boxes and I knew I wouldn't be able to fit them all in my car. I phoned Removal Company in hope of getting some help and they did all the jobs I struggled with and more, as well as offering helpful advice and support. They made the whole thing easy and I'll recommend them to everyone.

Lexy Simon


I was leaving my flat because my lease ran out and was looking forward to starting fresh in a new home. I tried to embrace this opportunity but my mind kept drifting towards all the hard work I had to do to get there. So this wouldn't even be an issue, I contacted Removal Company. I knew they would be able to perform everything for me, such as packing and transportation so I could sit back and have fun. They did every task in not time and to a high standard so I got a great move.

Jamarcus Su


I was helping a neighbour move home when I realised that we wouldn't be enough to get the move done ourselves. I looked into removal companies and then called Man with Van. They were tremendously useful from the very beginning, telling us how to handle the process and carry everything out. Then they sent a team to handle everything and soon everything was packed and ready to go. My neighbour was completely satisfied with the help he received and if I ever find myself moving I will request their aid from the get go.

William Sears


I reached out to ManandVan to help with my move and they were there for me every step of the way. Moving home isn't easy, as you have to pack many goods, carry unwieldy objects and manage to keep on top of various other reprocesses. They handheld absolutely everything so all had to do was help out and be there so they could consult me on everything. They treated me as their boss and showed me respect. I had the best move possible because I had the best removal team available.

Kameryn Ritchie


My friend and me had wanted to move out of our flat for a while but never got around to it. We were always busy with one thing or another and so we continued to put it off. Eventually we found a new apartment and were ready to move when we realised we weren't going to be able to handle everything ourselves. We heard about Removal Company and gave them call. They offered everything from advice to the services we needed. Within a few days, their team had packed our things and transported them to our new address. A great service for a great price.

Adriel Williams


I wanted to move out of my flat because it was no longer large enough for my girlfriend and me. We look around and found somewhere suitable but with the amount often things we would have to pack and transport, we knew we couldn't do it alone. We looked into a few removal firms and went with ManandVan, a decision we didn't regret. They had all our stuff packed and ready to go in a few days and had them at our new home within the hour. I will definitely call them again the next time we move.

Deandre Key


I have moved home many times in my life and on each occasion, I had struggled to complete it successfully. There were instances when I didn't pack my belongings properly, didn't have the right transport, was delayed, couldn't carry furniture, needed places to keep my goods and more. I was anxious about my latest removal but COMPANY NAME] made everything better. They guided me through every step and their skilled team handled every job and chore, so that no problems occurred and everything was handled professionally.

R. Foss


I run an office and I felt that the building was no longer suitable. I had managed to find a new place but my staff and had no chance to get the move done. We were so busy with our usual work that we barely had time to pack any boxes, let alone transfer everything to the new address. With nowhere else to turn I called Removal Company and wish I had done so sooner. They provided all the services I could need from packing to transport, as well as storage. They did all the work themselves, allowing me and my staff to attend to our regular duties. They were professional and helpful, giving me a better move then I could have ever imagined.

Jane Pak


As if I even need to tell you about my removal experience with Man with a Van. The name alone is common that people instantly know what a great company they are dealing with. They offer many different services to suit everyone and their pricing is reasonable and affordable. I hired Man with a Van last month to remove personal belongings from my flat into a brand new house. I could not think of another company that I'd have preferred. Man with a Van really know what they are doing, and it really shows.

Luiz Keen


My department was moving out of the current office building into an individual building of its own. I was worried about finding a removal company that was willing to take on such a large contract but was equally pleased to find that Removal Company had no problems dealing with a removal of such a high magnitude. The removal was dealt with very quickly, meaning that we were up and running a lot sooner than we had anticipated. This is great news for any businessman or office worker, since it allows us to catch up on work a lot quicker.

Armando Denney


I have heard of so many cases where removal companies failed to provide the service that they intend to. A good friend of mine urged me not to use a removal service due to her own bad experiences. However, I trusted my gut instinct and decided to hire a transport service from Man with Van and I must say that I do not regret it in the slightest. There is nothing that I can fault in any way, shape or form. The removal was a total success - what more could I ask for?

Kendal Cross


I was unable to handle my own removal when I suddenly had to move into a nursing home. I hired services from Man with a Van with fear in my mind about not receiving good quality service. I was also scared about having some of my prised possessions stolen during the packing procedure. I can honestly say that my faith in humanity was restored when two lovely men came from Man with a Van and took control of my removal. They were very helpful and kept me great company. It was like having family members around me. I was treated with respect which made me feel great.

K. Knott


This company was the only company out of many that offered to deal with my removal, which had to handled very quickly. Staff did not hesitate and worked very hard and fast, meaning that my removal was taken care of with the blink of an eye. I was more than pleased and am very grateful to Man with Van for catering to my needs, even when time was short and the demand was great. This truly is an amazing company that I would recommend to everyone. Man with Van to the rescue!

Stephany M.


I have to say that I had never thought that a removal could go as smoothly as mine did, and it was all thanks to the dedicated team at ManandVan. Not only were they fast, professional and energetic, but they were also very friendly and chatty which brightened up my day even more. I would recommend ManandVan to everyone I know and would personally use them again if I ever decide to move again. I loved every second of the removal. Thank you everyone for making my removal day smooth and stress free.

Wesley Hickman


My son had to move a lot of fishing gear into a flat he was renting with his friend. There was not a great amount and we were unsure if a company would move it. But to Man with a Van it was no trouble. Man with a Van did an excellent job and everything arrived safely as if it was the most expensive stuff in the world. They didn't even stop for a break. They just carried on working. The guys were incredibly hard working and diligent. Great bunch of workers and terrific job. Thanks so much guys for your endless help and support.

America Boyce


I was moving to larger premises and required a lot of expensive office equipment and stock being transferred. I knew of Man and a Van from a friend so I set up a date and time with them. They were an exceptional team of workers plus very efficient and took care with my assets. From start to finish the move went very well. I think Man and a Van did a fantastic job, and worked nonstop plus the cost of removal was very competitive. I think you'll be just as happy with them as I am.

A. Talbert


My wife and I decided to downsize to a bungalow and required a reliable removal company to move our life long belongings. Removal Company from the beginning to end were absolutely brilliant, the services they provided were excellent and they couldn't' do enough for us. Everything went well, and I can't thank them enough for the stress free move. I would definitely recommend Removal Company to anyone on the move. The price was excellent too.

Harris Link


The man and van service of Man with a Van was excellent. I can't fault it at all. The removal men were competent and hardworking. They didn't even bother to stop for a break, and they refused a cup of coffee when I offered them one. I was simply astounded by their professionalism. I think everyone should give this company a go. There are no secrets with them either, unlike other companies. They give you a fixed price and there are no secret added fees at the end. I've recommend them to everybody I know and I recommend them to you too. Man with a Van will not let you down.

Zachary Stump


Moving is never straightforward. Something always seems to go wrong when you move. Or at least, that's what I think. The last few times I've moved, it has been a real disaster. The movers arrived late, I had to do most of the work and when I checked out all my items when they'd left, I noticed there were scratches on my furniture. I was deeply disappointed. So it came as a relief when I eventually found a decent removals company - Man and a Van. They provided fast and efficient removal services at reasonable prices. I was over the moon. Anyway, I highly recommend them and would certainly use them again in the future.

Y. Yeager


I came to know about Man with a Van through a dear friend of mine. She said they were the greatest moving company she'd ever used. I'm not one to normally take advice from others, but I was left with no choice after the last time I moved was a disaster. I thought it'd be worth a try. I was greeted by a woman who was very nice and she discussed my options. I suppose it was this that persuaded me to book a date with them. She was just so professional and well mannered, I couldn't afford to not book. When it came to moving day, everything went as planned. The team of movers worked incredibly hard and I was honored to work with them. I was very impressed!

Alina Bingham


Man and a Van helped me pack and move my pictures from my old art gallery to my new gallery in another city. I was ever so nervous about the welfare of my precious pictures, but I was relieved with the way Man and a Van had packaged them. You could tell they were packaged in the best possible way. The removal men drove carefully and handled my picture with care when they loaded and unloaded. I was very appreciative of their thoughtfulness and I could not have wished for a better service. It's nice to know that there's a company out there you can count on for your future removal needs.

B. Brinson


A friend of mine recommended Man with Van when I was telling her how much I hated moving because of the incompetence of most removal companies. She said they were really professional and completely competent. I didn't believe her at first. However, when I called the company up, I was instantly impressed with their customer service. The lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and friendly. She answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed. I was overjoyed. As for the removal men, they were great too - diligent and efficient. All in all, I'm a very happy customer.

Lillian Roe


I have nothing but good words to say about Man with Van. The removal team arrived right on time on moving day, got straight to work and did practically all the loading and unloading. Once they'd finished taking the heavy boxes into my new flat, the team even cleaned up after they'd made a bit of a mess. I was over the moon with them. I know that it's hard to know what company to trust but I guarantee you, you'll be more than satisfied with the service of Man with Van. Without a doubt, this is the best moving company I have used.

Alannah G.


I needed to move my work to larger premises and required a trustworthy removal business. A friend suggested we contact Man with Van of whom they had used frequently for similar business moves. I got in touch and was given a price that I thought was fair, we then arranged a removal time and date. The team turned up on time and was extremely professional; they took great care with our office equipment. All of our items arrived safely in tact to the new address, and I would definitely urge people moving to use this company.

Kavon E.


As an extremely busy single working Mum moving apartment, I needed a competent company to move my belongings. My boss suggested Man and a Van who had previously relocated our offices with no hitches. So I contacted them for a price and details. They were in touch immediately and we were able to arrange a price and date. Man and a Van arrived on moving day which was a weekend day on time, and started immediately. The friendly team of staff worked extremely hard with no troubles. They did a magnificent job.

Jaiden Coles


The time I moved house, it was a disaster. The removals company I hired arrived late, some of my items got broken after they'd been transported and I swear a few things had gone missing - stolen more like. Anyway, this time I put more thought into the company I used. I emailed loads and loads of moving companies and only one had everything I needed. That was Removal Company. And I'm so happy I chose them because they are the ideal removals company. After transportation, all my items arrived safely - nothing got damaged or stolen. I was utterly relieved. Thank you to everyone at Removal Company.

Trevon Needham


I move around a lot because of my career and I've used dozens of removals companies over the years but I never found one I could count for every move. So in the end, I just expected to use a different company every time. When I found out about Man with a Van, I couldn't believe that a removal company could ever been so great. I didn't know they existed. The moving team is diligent and trustworthy. They work hard and are always really careful with your boxes. I will most definitely be using them from now on. I finally have a removals company I can totally rely on.

Bailee Weathers


I hired Man with a Van to pack for me. Because I have a lot of valuables and fragile items, I needed a company to package them properly so they wouldn't get damaged during the transportation. When the team of packers came to my home to pack, they got to work straight away and didn't stop for a drink. They just carried on working and didn't stop. All my items were wrapped and packaged in a skillful way and I was very pleased with the completed job. The materials they used to pack my things were top quality and I've been able to use these materials over and over again. I have only positive things to say about this removals company.

T. Herbert


Moving with Man and a Van is an absolute pleasure. It is the only removal company that respects its customers entirely. I felt as though they really considered your feelings and needs. They even offer personalised packages for no extra charge to customers with specific needs and requirements. They are professional in every way and very efficient. I've recommended them to all my relatives and friends. They are also really glad to have found a removals company you can rely on. So, I would like to say to everyone at Man and a Van: thanks so much for everything.

Sahara W.


On the day of moving with Man with a Van, I was terribly worried about my brand new leather sofa being moved. I was scared it would get scratched or ripped. Thankfully, the removal men were really careful with it and handled it gently. All the three men worked well as a team to carry it into my new home. It was a relief when they placed it inside and I found there was damage done to it at all. I love the way the removal men work hard but efficiently. They make sure everything is handled with care and I admire that about them. They are indeed very respectful of other people's things.

Damaris Helm


Man and a Van offered me a service I couldn't refuse. The company created a personalised moving schedule for me to make sure that any requirements I had were catered for. I was surprise that they didn't add on any extra fees for this. I was concerned at first. And as for the customer service, what can I say, it was brilliant. Unlike most, this company service was helpful and always available to answer any of your questions, which suited me just fine. All in all, I'm very impressed with their service and I highly recommend them.

Kayla P.


A brilliant service.... brilliant staff.....brilliant prices: Removal Company .This company is really professional and honest. I like the fact that they treat you well and more like a friend than a customer. It's actually a joy speaking to customer service because the adviser I'm in contact with is so friendly and helpful. I have no complaints whatsoever about this company. From start to finish, they have maintained their professionalism and haven't once let me down. Thank you very much for making my move easy and enjoyable! Well recommended.

D. Lennon


Removal Company has my seal of approval, as they moved my items in a calm and professional manner. I am thrilled with their team work, hard work, excellent services and for their fantastic prices. The services and work of Removal Company could easily match those companies which offer the same quality services at much higher prices. This company is the one to choose if you are looking for a stress free way to relocate at a low price too - which is what we are all looking for I'm sure! I would recommend this company to all you business and home movers out there, as this team has something to offer everyone! Well done to all of the company and thanks!

Casandra Xu


This is a company that I would recommend, use again and would like to thank! This company makes moving easier and less scary. My move was taken care of without me having to lose time off of work or out of my usual daily life. For anyone out there who is wondering which removals team to choose- choose Man and a Van!

Kasey Back


Whether you are moving to a new commercial property or to a new domestic property, I would recommend ManandVan to you. This company made relocating easy and manageable for me, despite the fact that I have a full timetable what with my working and personal life. When I explained the situation to the staff at ManandVan they assured me that they deal with all kinds of moves and that the fact that I had an already busy life was not a problem, as they were used to handling relocations for busy clients. I chose the exact date for my relocation and when moving day arrived, everything went perfect! I am very happy with this company and would definitely recommend them!

Delia Lyon


The best removal company on the market. I chose ManandVan and had them relocate my items to my new property and I am very happy that I did. As far as I am concerned this was one of the best decisions that I have made in regards to my move. Not only would I use them again in the future, but I have also recommended their removal services to many of my friends, family members and colleagues too and I also think that if you are relocating any time soon that you should hire them too.

Hayden Carter


This company deserves a huge thank you and I would also like to add that I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They carried out my move without any complaining and were fast and efficient at doing so too. They were brilliant and I would be happy to spread the word to everyone I know and also to you.

Felipe Y.


Moving with ManandVan really made my relocation a better experience and more straight forward too. Thanks to this company and the excellent team of experts in it, I managed to relocate quickly and efficiently and the day after I was able to start my new job in the new area that I had moved to. This company doesn't waste any time in doing the job and let me just say that when they undertake a client's removal, they really do the job properly. This company is thorough and very well organised. It is evident that there is good communication within the team and together ever member of the team works very well together. Thank you all so much for your help and I wish you all the look and success in the future as you really do deserve it!

Kameron Prince


Such a brilliant company. I wish all of the other companies were like this one. ManandVan are the true and probably the only experts for the job. I will definitely be choosing them if I require their services again in the future!

Jenifer Gough


Moving shouldn't be stressful but unfortunately it often is. If however, you do what I did and relocate with Man with Van then I am sure that you too will have a positive removals experience and will have the opportunity to move without any stress or other irritating and unfortunate issues which may come with any relocation. Thanks to this company I had a very good move to my new flat, so thanks to all of the team!

Katarina Dailey


Man with Van is the removals company to choose for people on a budget, like me, and for people wanting a reputable company to move with. I was skeptical about this company at first because the woman from customer service wasn't too friendly, but the next time I got chatting to a lovely lady there and after she gave me a more than reasonable quote, I just had to book with them. Everything was good and went smoothly from then. I'm always on a budget and so it is really refreshing to find a removals company that welcomes those with a small budget.

Tyrique Walsh


Man and a Van!!! Thank you so much for moving our belongings to our new home in the countryside and thanks for allowing our move to be delightful. I've honestly enjoyed every moment of the move and haven't found Man and a Van at all problematic. It has all gone smoothly. Nothing has gone wrong, there's been absolutely no problems or dilemmas. I just feel lucky that I have found them. I've recommended them too everyone I know and some of them have already booked a date with them. Thank you once again! It has been a complete pleasure.

Charles Paul


From the initial contact with customer services, I was utterly impressed by the service of Man with Van. They gave me an instant quote over the phone and dealt with me like a true professional. They knew what they were talking about and were indeed very helpful. The removal men did get lost at one point when trying to find my new house but they apologised and I accepted it as they were ever so polite. All in all, a very great removals company that I would definitely phone up again for the next move, if there is one.

Lexis Marcus


Man with Van and nbsp;offer really reasonable relocation services at great prices too. Thanks to them, I was able to move all of my belongings in to my new university accommodation and their rates were just right considering my student budget. The price remained the same as I was initially quoted and it suited my student budget too, which is very unusual to find a company offering professional services at low prices. Top quality removal services by a friendly and great team of experts.

B. McGee


I would be very surprised if anyone has experienced a problem with and nbsp;Removal Company because when I used them recently for my removal, I was really pleased with how they managed the whole situation and worked really hard. I saw team work, professionalism, expertise and high quality workmanship. I am in no rush to relocate again, but I will certainly pass on the name of the company to people that I know. Thank you all!

Deontae Christopher


I am really impressed with the services and team work of and nbsp; Man and a Van and would use them again if I had to. A friend told me about this company and even though they hadn and rsquo;t yet used the company and their services, I chose to have them undertake my move anyway. They didn and rsquo;t let me down and everything went as smooth and as good as clockwork!

Melia McNeal


A really superb removals company that offers a great selection of services and has the right amount of experience to do a great job on their removals. I was happy when they recently relocated my personal items to my new flat and was amazed at how quick everything happened. I found their number on the internet and thought that they were worth contacting. I am so glad I did because thanks to them I didn and rsquo;t have a stressful removal, but actually a really uncomplicated and easy one. I wish I had used this company before, but I well certainly remember them for the future just in case I need them. I have already passed on their contact details to a number of friends, colleagues and family members and I would also recommend them to you too! They are the number one company and I am thrilled with the way I was treated.

Anabel F.


This is my first relocation and hopefully my last. I am happily settled at my new house and would not move now for the world. The journey which brought me to this place was calm and easy to follow and ndash; very straight forwards. I hire and nbsp;Removal Company and they were so easy to deal with that I really didn and rsquo;t have to worry about a thing, neither did I have to do any work either. I paid the money and got the best, which is how it should be. Their prices are fair, but more importantly and ndash; you get what you pay for with them! Excellent team work! I would definitely recommend!

Z. Staples


They were really great when I hired them for my recent business relocation. Despite what I thought, I didn and rsquo;t experience any business downtime which is exactly something that you want to avoid when you have your own business. Luckily, I didn and rsquo;t have any trouble with having to close up my company during the moving process and business soon resumed and was up and running like normal within a very short time after the relocation. I thought that my business would be closed for a rather longtime but it wasn and rsquo;t. I did have to close up and deal with the unpacking the other end but we were soon back up and running.

Shay Patton


I want to share with everyone my positive experience with Removal Company, because I hired their team for my office relocation and they were great. They arrived on time and worked without a break. Thank you very much Removal Company, you have saved me a lot of work!

S. Read


From personal experience I know that it is nearly impossible to move an entire house without a single breakage, but thanks to Removal Company I had no damage to deal with after everything was unloaded. Their team is very organised, professional, and strong, and they were on time, trustworthy and careful.

Deja Reid


I wanted to thank everyone from Removal Company who helped us with our move 3 days ago. They delivered everything in the same condition as I left it in. None of my items were even dirty since the moving van was so clean. Thank you very much once again and I wish you best of luck!

Shayne Carbone


I used Removal Company services three days ago and I just wanted to share my positive experience with the company. Their crew were very polite and capable. I had a few pieces of heavy furniture and they moved them without any difficulty. Everything seemed to be so easy for them. They're real professionals!

Marquez W.


I needed a professional moving company to help me move from my 2-bedroom house to a new 3-bedroom home. I called up Man with a Van, because they were the first one I found on the internet. And they did an outstanding job!

M. McIntyre


Super efficient and professional movers! I used them when I moved from Leeds to London and it was the best moving experience ever. It was a last minute call, but they did a fantastic job. Thank you ManandVan for understanding your client's needs even on their last minute calls.

Kameron K.


I hired Man with Van three weeks ago and I couldn't believe how fast they completed the whole moving process. They started working with a great attitude, worked without a break and finished everything very quickly. I highly recommend them!

Isis Preston


I hired four men to help me with my long distance house removal. I have to say that the team of movers was great - hard-working, skilled and very well-organized. I am more than happy and would definitely use ManandVan again for my next move.

Jefferson Lo


It was a pleasure to work with such a hard-working and professional team. ManandVan helped me with my office removal and it took them a bit more than 5 hours, but they were still working hard after a full day of heavy lifting. Thank you very much for having honest people working for you!

Rebeca Cunningham


ManandVan have one of the best moving crews I have ever worked with. They were knowledgeable, strong and went above and beyond to complete my move on time. I've had a couple of bad moves before, but this one I will definitely remember and if needed I will hire the ManandVan crew again.

Enoch Israel


When we decided to move from our condo to a new house we wanted everything to be perfect. First we asked our friends for references and the only company they recommended was Removal Company. We contacted their office and their representatives were kind and helpful. The movers were also polite and very efficient.

Aniyah Fitzpatrick


I had to relocate my office at the last minute and Removal Company were the only ones which were able to book me on their next-day schedule. I was impressed that the guys were honest and very focused on the job. From now on I am referring all of my friends to none other than Removal Company.

L. Gardner


This was my second time using Man and a Van and I am as satisfied as the first time. The price was very good and the movers were prompt and skillful. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to my family and friends!

Gustavo Messer


I had a wonderful experience with Man and a Van and will use them again without hesitation. I can honestly say that they went above and beyond to make sure I got my belongings on time and in great condition. Thank you very much!

K. McIntyre


Removal Company were one of the best companies I have ever used in my life. A friend of mine recommended them for my home removal. I hired them for a full package service and they were very efficient, and provided great value for the money they charged!

Aubrey Woods


I had the best moving experience ever. Man and a Van has moved me 3 times now and I am going to use their services again if needed. Their crew is always polite, reliable and careful. I wish them best of luck!

Iliana Behrens


This is my sixth time moving and when it comes to chosing a professional company for a local move there is no other company which can do it like Man with a Van. Their movers are very knowledgeable and organised. I have never had any problems with them. Best regards!

Aubree Wisniewski


Removal Company provided me with a very professional and reliable service. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. They made this very important day for me stress-free. Thank you very much!

Chynna Carmona


ManandVan were absolutely wonderful. Claudia from their office kept me informed about everything throughout. The moving men were also friendly, honest and hard-working. My items were delivered in great shape. Thumbs up for ManandVan.

Braulio Shah


We chose Man with Van for our local move within London. We used their full package service and I am glad that we did so. We had a lot of small and valuable things which arrived in excellent condition. Their services are certainly worth the cost.

Tamara Samuels


I had an amazing experience with the team from Man with Van. They were polite, fast and respectful. At the end there were no extra charges, so I am very grateful. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

Tierney Romeo


I feel so strange that I am going to write a positive review for a moving company, but Man with Van did an outstanding job for me. They showed up on time and wrapped everything very well. They did everything with extreme professionalism. Alan from their office called me after the move was done to ask me if I was happy with their services. Man with Van is the best company I have ever worked with for a removal.

Camren Simons


My husband got a promotion and we had to move from Birmingham to Frankfurt, Germany. Since it was a long distance move we had to choose a professional moving company to help us. A colleague of mine recommended Man and a Van and we decided to go with them. From the beginning till the end the movers were 100% dependable. They were always there for me if I had any questions. They delivered everything on the estimated date in perfect shape. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend your company to all of my friends and family.

Jennah Zook


I used Removal Company to help me move all of my belongings from my old flat in Selsdon to my new 2 -bedroom house in Tooting Bec. The customer support of the company was great. Every time I had a question they were there for me. The moving men did their job exactly the way it should have been done. Thank you!

Rashawn Short


Man with Van helped me with my storage removal and I am so grateful. They were on time, polite and honest. I didn't see them hang about once; they were working the entire time. I think they seemed to enjoy it. I would definitely use their services again!

A. Becerra


I am very glad that we selected Man with a Van to help us with our local removal last week. They were absolutely professional and hard working. Their only aim was to ensure that we were pleased as customers. I would recommend their services to all of my friends.

Ricardo Culp


I recommend the services of Man with Van as completely reliable and well priced. Their office representative Maria was also honest and polite. The movers did as I expected, everything was explained to me in advance and there were no hidden charges. This is the best company ever!

Alaina Rushing


I moved back to Birmingham two days ago and used Man and a Van services for the third time. Like always they didn't disappointed me. The whole moving process went very smoothly. They loaded everything very carefully and unloaded it in the same way. Thank you very much!

Tahj Hilliard


Man and a Van helped me move my furniture to a new house in West London. I really liked their company, because I gave them a checklist detailing all the things I wanted them to move and the movers really stuck to it. The three men were also polite and very hard working. I couldn't thank them enough. Best Regards.

Robin Kessler


I would like to send my thanks to the great team of ManandVan. Thank you for saving me time and effort during the move. I wish your company the best of luck and keep doing your fantastic job! All the best!

Edwin Houghton


I just received my stuff from ManandVan from my house removal. Everything is here, there are no broken items or even a scratch to be found. These moving services were awesome. The moving men were so hardworking and so professional. I recommend them to everyone who needs reliable movers. Thank you!

Adolfo R.


Maria did a great job for me and my family, as our moving date changed 3 times. When the day of our move came the professional team of Man with a Van were right on time and they wrapped everything for us. I noticed that they worked really fast. If you need removal services do not hesitate to contact them.

R. Taggart


I just want to share my absolutely fantastic experience with the great team of Removal Company. I had dealt with many moving companies before, but this is one of the best. They actually followed all of my instructions. I wanted all of my dishes to be packed in medium-sized boxes and the moving men did so. I couldn't thank them enough. They are truly perfectionists.

Annamarie F.


I am impressed with the good services of Man with a Van. On the day of my move they called me to inform me that they will be a bit earlier. The moving crew loaded and unloaded my items without any complaining. Thank you very much!

Galilea M.


My mother is so grateful to the amazing services of Removal Company. The move was not easy because my mother had to move her old piano and she wanted to do it with a professional company. A friend of mine recommended Removal Company for her and we contacted their office. The representative on the phone was very friendly and gave us very helpful tips. The moving team came on time and got the job done in no time. They were extremely careful and respectful. My mother couldn't thank them enough!

Treyton Schumacher


My husband and I contacted Man with Van to help us move all of our furniture from our old house in Liverpool to our new one in Spain. The delivery was as good as the pick up. We receive all our stuff in perfect condition. I will 100% recommend this moving company to any of my friends.

Bishop Wentz


ManandVan is a really well organized company. Their reps are always nice on the phone. The moving men were also polite and very fast. They didn't take a single break. I am impressed.

C. Lombardi


We have used Man with Van three times and I highly recommend them to any of my friends and family. This is the best company we have ever dealt with for removals.

N. Watt


Thank you very much Removal Company! Your professional team did an amazing job for me and my family. You kept my things organized, safe and in perfect condition. I will definitely use your services again!

A. Swartz


Removal Company is one of the best and reliable moving companies. I had a local move with them last week and everything went well. I can truly say the men of the crew were very well trained and they knew what they were doing. I couldn't ask for better moving service.

Mackenzie Heck


I chose Man with Van for my mini storage removal yesterday and I have to say the move went really well. The moving team were very well organized and followed all of my instructions as well. I want to thank them again for treating all of my stuff with care.

Rex Culbertson


I had a local move and I used Man with Van services. The movers they sent were very nice and dependable. At the end, all of my belongings were in the same condition as I left them. Thank you very much!

K. Jay


The movers from Man with Van are friendly and hard working. They helped me move and everything was unloaded in a very reasonable amount of time. I had no problems with this company. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Thalia B.


Removal Company did a first-rate job for us. They worked really fast and took good care of our belongings during our move from the UK to Germany. Thank you!

T. Weinstein


I found the services of Man with Van on the Internet and I decided to call them. They gave me a very competitive price and booked me for the next day's schedule, which was perfect for me. My move went smooth and fast. What more could I asked for? This is the best company ever.

Derick L.


I cannot recommend Claudia and the moving men from Removal Company enough. They were very kind and efficient. They arrived on time and completed the job very fast. I don't know what I would have done without their help. I strongly recommend them!

Brookelyn G.


I was very happy with the quality and services of ManandVan. Everyone we dealt with was more than helpful. Everything arrived in good shape. This is a very useful and reliable company.

M. Smyth


I have spoken to a couple of friends who have used ManandVan services and they recommended them to me. After using them I just have to say that they are by far the best removal company I have ever used. They really are polite and hard working. Do not hesitate to use them if you need professionals.

R. Felder


I want to share my positive experience with Man with a Van also. They were all professional, courteous and treated all of my belongings with extreme care. I highly recommend them to all anybody who needs to hire a Removal company.

L. Ellsworth


Man with Van provided me with stunning service. The moving crew were kind and hardworking. They did not stop working for one minute, no breaks even when I offered them tea. The whole move went very well. I have already recommend their services to everyone I know.

Kole H.


Our move was extremely easy thanks to Man with Van. Their team was accurate and helpful. They did a brilliant job for us. Thank you very much!

A. Nance


I was very happy that the moving company that I used arrived on time and delivered my items on time as well. Removal Company moved my office belongings and did a great job for me. Nothing was missing or even scratched. I am very satisfied with their services and I would recommend them to all of my colleagues.

Maiya Held


I used Man with Van for the second time a couple of weeks ago and I am recommending their services to anyone looking for a reliable and reasonably priced removal company. Their team is really professional. I wish them the best of luck.

Susannah Gunn


Nowadays it is really hard to find a good removal services, because I had quite a bad experience in the past. A friend of mine recommended Man with a Van for my move last week and I decided to go with them and trust my friend. Today I am more than happy that I used them. This is the first organized company I have ever worked with. Everything was under their control the whole day through and I could see how careful the guys were with all of my items. Today I am searching for missing things, but each item has arrived. Fantastic service! Thank you!

Alfredo Thao


I highly recommend Man and a Van. All representatives from their office are very nice and patient. The team of movers came on time, and they were also very careful with our furniture. At the end nothing was damaged or lost. Great services!

Sarahi P.


For a very reasonable price Man and a Van arrived earlier than scheduled on the day of my move. Four very skilled men showed up at my front door and packed all of my furniture and loaded it on the truck. We asked them to deliver our stuff the next day and again they were at my new place early and unloaded everything very carefully. I am happy with the services I received, so I am definitely recommending this company to all of my friends. Thank you!

Sheyla Ortega


I just moved to my new home yesterday and I used Man and a Van. It was a neat, smooth and speedy move by the men from their team. They asked me for every detail and item which had to be wrapped. They listened to everything I said. I am so happy with their services. I will definitely use them again!

Cameron C.


I would recommend Man with Van to anyone who needs professionals to move their belongings. The moving men did a fantastic job for my family and me. To be honest I was so stressed about this whole move until these guys showed up. Thank you for your patience with me and for being so careful with my stuff.

Bridgette Weinstein


If you are looking for the best movers I am 100% recommending the services of Removal Company. Their prices are very competitive and their moving crew work really hard. They were a lifesaver for me, helping me pack all my stuff and labeling it for me. And the final move cost was right on my budget. Great services.

Raphael Whitworth


I am so glad I can share my good experience with Removal Company here. Thank you for wrapping all my big pieces of furniture and protecting them during the move. Everything is here in one piece and without a scratch. You are the best moving company ever! I am definitely going to recommend your services to all of my friends.

Mallory Clemens


I recently used Man with Van when I moved from my old flat to a new house. I was impressed by their professionalism and the speed with which they worked. They wrapped everything for me, so nothing was damaged. Their representative even called me during the move to ask if I was happy with the crew. Thank you for your customer support as well. The best moving company ever!

Fredrick Botello


The guys from ManandVan were great and polite workers. For our next move in September we would love to have the same workers. I will definitely suggest your company to others. Really good services!

Luca Pullen


To be honest I was looking for the most professional moving company, because I've experienced different movers before and it was the worst experience in my life. After much thought I used Man with a Van based on a friend's recommendation to help me with my move from Coventry to Birmingham. I was very satisfied with their services. There were no scratches on any pieces of my furniture. They took down and put everything back up with precision. I will recommend them to others and definitely use them again.

Jaron H.


I used Man and a Van for my move from Birmingham to London and it went really well. The guys came on time and prepared my things very quickly. I didn't think that everything would be done so easily. Basically the guys had everything needed, they wrapped all my belongings. There was excellent communication between the office representative and myself. I greatly appreciated it.

Jan D.


Man with Van are very professional. The three guys they sent me were hard working and very helpful. I would definitely ask them again for our next move and highly recommend them to all of my friends.

Isai Champion


I used Man with Van to move all of the items from my Mum's house that was recently sold. There were so many papers, clothing, pieces of furniture and other stuff that had to be moved. They showed up on time with 2 trucks because I wasn't sure if everything would fit in one. It was a good thing because we needed only one truck and they didn't charge me anything for the second one. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs moving help.

Brandy Autry


If you are looking for a perfect moving company that puts their clients' satisfaction before company profits you should use Man and a Van. It is hard to find companies like this nowadays. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.

J. Alonzo


We used Man with a Van back in December to move out from the 3rd floor to a 5th floor walk-up. The two guys they sent were very strong, efficient, and fast. I have no idea how many trips they took up and down those stairs, but I never heard them complaining. I am really grateful to all of them. Thank you very much.

Anai South


I hired ManandVan to pack and transport my stuff to my new flat. Not only did they have boxes of every conceivable size, but they also had little boxes for my fragile possessions. I don't have words to express my gratitude to them.

Kai Fernandez


I have already used the services of Man with Van and I will use them in the future for sure. Everything was handled with the highest level of professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kaytlyn Seward


Sometime ago we decided to relocate to a bigger flat. The problem was that we had too many possessions and too little time to move. We decided to trust Man with Van and we did not regret it. They moved us in no time.

Nevin P.


Moving from South London to West was such a great experience for me thanks to Man with Van. These guys actually wrapped everything for me and made the day less stressful. I strongly recommend them.

Annamarie G.


I have used Man and a Van twice now and I have to say that their young team is really hard working and care about all the details. I strongly recommend them.

Lucas Tyree


I just want to share my positive experience with Man with Van as well. They were very professional, dependable and treated all of my belongings with care. I am highly recommending them to anybody who needs to hire a Removal services company.

Kasey Wylie


I just want to write you this letter of thanks. Our office had to move to another building and we decided to trust two companies because the furniture and equipment were a lot and we thought that one company could not manage to move all that stuff. But after we contacted Man with a Van we finally decided to trust one company for the whole removal. We made the right choice. They managed to move all the stuff unharmed and in no time time at all.

M. Hardman


I have two little kids and my family decided to move to a bigger flat because it turned out that the space is too small for the four of us. I was really nervous especially because of the fact that my children are so little for such a big change. You can imagine the fear I felt - but when the movers came I found out that they would take care of everything. They did a great job. I really want to thank you ManandVan!

Noa M.


I actually got three men and a truck from Man with Van, and they did a great job. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks to all the guys. I was really impressed with their flexibility and customer service. Really helpful, with excellent attention to details.

Desmond Coy


Claudia, I wanted to write a great review about how awesome your moving company really is. The guys you sent me were amazing. They were organized, brilliant and very careful with all my belongings. Our move was much easier than expected due to your proficient services. Keep doing your great job Man with Van!

K. Starks


I just wanted to express my thanks for the services your team provided last week. Really fast and without any damages in the move. Thank you guys from Man and a Van, we really appreciate your help.

Galilea Chung


I just want to share my experience with you guys. We have just made the move to West London from High Wycombe as its nearer my husband's work. My husband left it to me to sort everything out with finding a suitable company to help me with the packing and the whole removal. I began by searching Google for removal companies and looking at the reviews and ratings for each of the companies. This is how I found this company Man with Van, so I decided to try them. I called the office and was satisfied right away. They explained so many things that I had never thought about - they even suggested help with the packing. When the mover arrived, he showed me an identity card first. Then he helped me to finish the packing, and the thing that I was most surprised about was that he was actually asking me for my input and listening to all my instructions. So everything went perfectly. My husband was also satisfied with the job. I couldn't wait to leave my positive opinion and good wishes to Man with Van. Thank you for the great job.

Arman S.


We moved from a house in Croydon to another house in Dartford and used the services of Man with Van. We paid their very reasonable fees to pack. One man did it in a day. This way you get their insurance, and it saves you masses of time.

Miya Friend


I didn't have any regret hiring and relying on the services of ManandVan. Every second of the day I moved to the condominium was great and every penny I paid for the charges and rental fees was worth it. I felt fortunate to have a good and trusting company like ManandVan when I needed to. You did a well job guys! Well, in case I did not mention that.

Shelly M.


My sisters and I felt a big relief when the men from Man with Van helped us packed and moved our stuffs. We needed some bigger and stronger muscles. It was interesting to have some men around from that removal company. We were lucky to have them that day when we needed the most to make our moving easier and better. We really felt princesses! Thanks again guys!

J. Story


I'm a little bit worried about moving my office items as they may get mixed up but when my friend recommended me to hire Movers, those worries became gone. I saw their every single move and I had to admit they're a lot faster to work on things than me. They fully gave me a relief and turned my doubt into satisfaction until they dropped my things in the new house.

I. Loy


The people working at Moving Company were very friendly, kind and really helpful. What we really liked about the company was their services that were not only affordable but also satisfying and reliable. We had no any regrets or complaints at all. Our moving day became so fun and stress-free. Everybody who tried their services will definitely agree with what I've just said.

Dayne L.


A new work was waiting for me from another city. One of the leading industrial companies in my country phone called me that my application was approved. I was living hundred miles away from the company so there was a need to move out and get a new house. I rented a moving truck from Moving Company and they did not let me feel down. The entire day moving was less stressful for me.

E. Bess


I just opened a new kitchen downtown. Most of the stuff I bought for my kitchen was stashed in my apartment outside the city. I couldn't bring the stuff on my own. Since I was just starting up, I didn't know a lot of people. I asked my friends for good moving companies and they told me about Man with a Van. They're the best! They did all the heavy lifting for me, and everything was taken care of. Thanks!

Isai Galvin


When you're dealing with cameras and stage equipment, you can't be too careful. When I called Movers, they reassured me that my equipment were in safe hands. I saw how careful they were from packing the cameras, the lenses, and the sound equipment. I never lost track of my stuff when they moved it. Movers let me know where they were, how they were and when they'd arrive.

H. Cornell


When one of my friends moved out of our apartment, she used her car to move all her stuff. She took a lot of time, and was so exhausted after. When time came for me to move out, I called for ManandVan. I wasn't worried because when I asked, they told me about their low prices. I was so satisfied with their prices and their job that whenever I have a friend who needs to move, I recommend ManandVan.

S. Ward


A couple of months ago, my dad passed away. My brothers and I decided that it was time for us to find another place to live in. It was an especially difficult time for us so we preferred having a moving company handle carrying our stuff. Moving Company was very careful and very courteous in moving our stuff. Now, whenever we need stuff moved, we don't hesitate to call Moving Company.

J. Wisniewski


My friends and I decided to rent an apartment unit near our university after our lease on our respective dormitories was over. We have to sort and pack a lot of things and we have no clue how to do it. Luckily, we got an idea to call the Man Van and they have been a great help. With just a short time, we got settled in my our apartment and there was plenty of time to decorate it and shop for some household items.

Jonas B.


My wife had just graduated from college and she need to move back in our newly bought house as soon as she can. To help us prepare for her move, I called the Man and a Van. I was surprised that they moved so fast and with such fluidity. It seems like they knew exactly what to do and how to handle the goods. Thanks to them, my wife and I had a great time strolling in her campus as they packed and got ready for the move.

T. Dyer


I work three jobs a day to support my kids. My wife has passed away so I am in charge of everything. When I decided to move to a better neighborhood, I need a moving company that can take care of everything. When I hired Removals, I knew I made the right choice. The workers were fast, respectful, considerate and hardworking. Moving with them had been a fun and exciting process

Stephan L.


I am a student and I badly need help when I need to move to my college dormitory. My dad is away on a business trip and my mom can't take a day off at work. Good thing, I found the Movers and they took care of all the details of my move. With the help of these guys, I got settled in my new home in a jiffy

R. Hyde


When my dad died, I decided to sell our house and move his belongings in my attic in Ipswich. Since he lived in Exmouth, I hired the Removals to help me. I was very glad I chose them for they worked very professionally and I may say that I am really satisfied with their superb service.

Dwight I.


Moving has always been a nightmare for me. My husband suggested that we should hire a moving company and I called the Man and a Van . I was very satisfied with their service and I felt very happy and relieved working with them. From now on, they will always be a part of our move.

Kirstin R.


When my landlady notified me that she finally found buyers for the house I had no other option but to leave it as soon as possible since she had already warned me about these plans of hers. Being in such a hurry, she assured me that she will arrange tha removal company and oferred to pay the half price. When Removal Company came, they proved to be efficient and hard working. All was done in couple of hours.

Janaya B.


Moving has always been a nightmare for me. My husband suggested that we should hire a moving company and I called the Man and a Van . I was very satisfied with their service and I felt very happy and relieved working with them. From now on, they will always be a part of our move.

Blaise Gallo


There are many removals companies out there. But for me, ManandVan stands out from the rest. Unlike my experiences with other companies, they packed and transported my stuff properly. And so my stuff arrived without any damage. They were also very courteous and quite accommodating to my requests. Doing the move with them really made it easy and convenient. With their help, I was able to take care of the family during the move too.

Sebastien R.


A coworker recommended Removal Company to me. Since I really had no time to do a research, I contacted and hired them instantly. Thankfully the recommendation of my coworker proved to be reliable. Removal Company came prepared. They packed everything with no problems. They also came on time. And since they had enough manpower and they had their own vehicle, they were able to accomplish the whole move efficiently. Hiring them was really a good decision after all.

Alexys Mathews


Man Van will solve your removals worries. If you don't have time to pack, they will do it for you. And if you need a car and people to lift and transport them too, Man Van have them too. But most of all, what I love about them is their professionalism on the job. They come on time and they finish their job without delay. You really get great service back for every penny that you pay.

Jaycob Soriano


Man and a Van has been helpful from day one of my preparation. While I only contracted them to transport my stuff, they were very helpful enough in providing me tips on how to best pack china collection. True enough all my collection arrived safely. Thank you Man and a Van for your excellent service. It's really a company I can recommend to my friends and coworkers.

A. Cooper


I hired Man with a Van at the last minute. I was lucky someone had to postpone his move. But I did not have to pay high fees. They were very accommodating and friendly. I had all the help that I needed. My things were loaded securely and they arrived safely. I'm glad I picked Man with a Van . I will hire surely be hiring the same company next time.

Blayne W.


I had to move because of a job transfer. Although I was going alone, I needed to hire Movers to help me with almost everything. Without much time to pack, Movers really did a good job in packing my things from the smallest item to my precious piano. And they were also very efficient in transporting them safely too. I'm really glad I chose them.

Sydnee C.


Many thanks for your fabulous service. We were thrilled with everything Movers did during the move and impressed by the packers/ movers and staff we dealt with on the phone. Our belongings will need to be moved when we have found a permanent property to move into. We'll be in touch at that point in the future in the hope that you'll be able to help us.

D. Palacios


I have attached the completed form. Obviously it does not have a signature on. Will this therefore suffice? and #8232;Further to completing the form I would like to add that we were exceptionally pleased with the work carried out by HandyMoves, there were no breakages or damages to our furniture and we found unpacking really easy as the boxes had been well labeled. Everything was as it should be. Thank you for making our move so smooth. and #8232;

Heather Hsu


When you've moved as many times as I have, you can say that you've experienced it all - everything from the horrible movers who broke your things to the ones who carried your boxes without any care. The good news is that I learned to gain feedback first about a particular moving company, and I can say that Removal Company is the best of the bunch. They're careful in handling your personal possessions and the rates are not bad, either.

D. Szymanski


As a removals company, I can say that Removals delivers on their promise to make a move as hassle-free as possible. I'm a single dad with a couple of kids and I can hardly squeeze in the time to pack my things but we did have to move. Fortunately, the guys at Removals were so efficient that I was able to care for my kids while they're taking care of the packing and moving.

Bradly Wenzel


I am a mother of three and I hardly have time to color-code the boxes which are filled with our stuff when we had to move. Fortunately, the guys at Man with Van were kind enough to offer me their professional packing services along with the move, and I was happy to pay the extra cost, it was so worth it! The packing was done in half the time that I would have done it, and the move was excellent!

D. Doucette


Helpful, polite, friendly and efficient is how I'd describe the staff of Moving Company. I took advantage of their moving services once and I would not hesitate to hire them again. They were pretty knowledgeable about the moving process, my things were moved without damage and the rates are pretty good as well! Thank you!

Paul Day


I cannot wait for the time when I can settle down in one place but my work takes me to different places. It's a good thing that I can always get in touch with Removals whenever I have to move. Their services are so efficient, reasonably-priced and quick that you will find yourself settling into your new place in no time at all. What more can you ask for from a removals company?

Thaddeus Hatfield


What else can I say but thank you to the people at Removals. I am so glad that you're the first name that popped to me from the yellow pages because your services were excellent. You definitely made moving a hassle-free and quick experience for me because all my things, gadgets and breakable items were intact. I couldn't believe how well you handled my china collection. Big thanks!

Amber P.


My first encounter with Man with a Van was when I had to get quotations. I had to move and I was on a very tight budget, but thanks to your friendly staff, I was able to determine that I had sufficient funds for the move. Not only that, but the movers were strong and quick that I did not have to lift a finger at all! I cannot thank you enough!

Rianna L.


I'm the type of executive who's always on the move and I have had my share of horrible movers in the past. Thanks to Man with Van, my search for the perfect removals company is done because they did an excellent job helping me transfer my things from out of state. I would even recommend your services to our other clients when they ask my opinion, that's how satisfied a customer I am!

Tyreese A.


There's really nothing more that I can ask for from the services that Moving Company provided me with. Seeing as how I lived alone, I was worried that no moving company would take me in because I only had a few things to move - but I really wanted to hire a professional. I'm so glad that you guys took on the job without even charging me with astronomical rates!

S. Brock


When I read through testimonials like these, I've always thought that they were only made up so I'm amazed that I am writing one for Removals right now. It's just that your removals services were so excellent that we found ourselves moved from our old to our new place without a hitch. It was unbelievable that our stuff were moved without a scratch, you guys are amazing!

Kasey Juarez


Unlike my mother-in-law who had a horrible experience with movers, your company was able to provide me with a pleasant, hassle-free move. I couldn't believe how friendly the staff was and when I had to call in to tell them that I won't be in the house for about twenty minutes, they were a good sport and waited for me. Thanks Man with a Van! I'll definitely recommend you to my in-laws.

K. Connor


Starting from the rate to the speed and efficiency by which my things were moved, I cannot say anything negative about Removals. As a removals company, they were truly exceptional in the sense that they took care of everything for me - starting from packing to delivering my personal belongings to my new home. Truly, I couldn't have asked for better movers.

Darren Lombardo


I am the head of the Human Resource department of a real estate company and I am writing to inform you of how satisfied we all are by the removals services provided by Moving Company. As a manager, I personally know how important it is to gain positive feedback from clients - which is exactly what I am providing you with, as your removals services are excellent. Thank you very much.

Jordon Wyman


I'm a simple housewife who had her first moving experience with ManandVan and I cannot thank you enough! I thought that I would have to handle most of the details but you efficiently took over, and my husband and I are so satisfied with the experience that we would not mind moving again - as long as you are there to help us out!

Kirk D.


A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of hiring Man with a Van to help move my family's and my things from our old house to a new home. I can truly say that your removals service is efficient, quick and excellent. The rates are not bad, too, considering how easily you were able to transfer all our things to the new place. THANKS!!!