Is It Possible To Have an Environment Friendly Removals


Moving is stressful. Everybody knows that. However, this is no excuse for a person to stop being concerned about the environment when it comes to moving. People might think that this should be the least among their worries. But being environment-friendly doesn't take so much effort on a person as long as he follows some tips and suggestions.

1. Never throw away recyclables.

Being environment-friendly means that a person should refrain from throwing anything that is recyclable. Old papers and newspapers that you have wanted to read but was not able to and old glass jars that are used in the refrigerator that you don't want to take with you. These are just a few examples of recyclables that you must properly dispose in the right manner.

However, if a person thinks that these are just too much, he can always hire a professional packer and mover that have environment-friendly removal policies.

2. Use old boxes for packing.

Moving means that a person needs boxes for packing his things such as books, clothing and others. He can contribute to the environment by using used boxes instead of buying new ones. A used box saves the environment by several ways. First, since a person is using used boxes, there is no need to cut down trees for new boxes. Although he might need new boxes for some special items, he is not using the same quantity of new boxes, as he should. Moreover, he can also give the new boxes to the removalist company for reuse for other clients.

3. Choose a removalist company that uses fuel-efficient vehicles

A person wanting to protect the environment can also choose a removalist company that uses fuel-efficient vehicles. These vehicles have lower emissions and pollution, which is a great way to contribute towards a cleaner environment. Some removalist company uses the latest in technology by using ethanol-powered trucks, which lowers the environmental negative effect.

A good example of a good environment friendly initiative is launched in Australia. It is called "hopper stopper" wherein a device is fitted in front of a vehicle and helps in reducing road kills. The device emits a very high-pitched sound that is inaudible to humans but is quite annoying to wild animals such as kangaroos. The hopper stopper is environment-friendly because it saves animals. Moreover, it is also helpful for insurers because the cause of accident is reduced.

4. Use green packing materials

A person can also use green materials for his packing such as paper for padded wrapping. He can ask for these materials from someone who has just moved or he can also ask the removalist company.

Contributing to a greener environment during your move might be bothersome but essential. All a person needs is to take an extra effort, which could give a positive impact to the environment. Removalist companies are just too willing to help a person if they think that he is really making a positive effort.