Tips For Downsizing During A House Move

Published on Friday, 30 January 2015

Tips For Downsizing During A House MoveMoving house is hard enough, but if you’re downsizing during your relocation, then this can prove even more challenging a task! No matter the reason for moving to a smaller house, be it because you find the space too large, your children have all left home, or you just can’t keep up with the bills, here are a host of tips to help you with moving to a smaller home and de-cluttering as you do!The chief challenge to downsizing is sorting through all your belongings and deciding what you want to take with you and what you need to leave behind. While this can prove painful and difficult, you can look at it as a chance to start anew and get down to really good clear out. After all let’s face it, so many of us collect a wealth of objects over the years that we may actually no longer have any need or use for. There are also ways to make the de-cluttering more rewarding. You can either sell items that are quite valuable and might fetch a pretty penny and help you pay for your removal company, or you can donate or recycle what you no longer have a need for. Once you’ve done all that, then you’ll be ready to select the right removals service for you. For cheap or small removals remember the option of man and van hire! This is very flexible and if you are downsizing it’s likely that the moving van can accommodate your furniture removals.For belongings that you don’t have any room for in your new abode, but that you consider might be worth selling, get online and try auction them off on an online auction site like ebay. You’d be surprised to hear that people still frequent car boot or garage sales, so if you’re not comfortable with the online procedure, take the second route. You’ll be amazed how much cash you can raise from selling unwanted items and this could help pay for a moving van or packing service!If you’re downsizing, but aren’t quite ready to part with all your valuables and belongings, they why not consider hiring moving and storage services. This option is available, as companies can arrange to collect your belongings and with the moving truck take them to their storage unit or a self-contained storage unit of your choosing. It’s important before choosing this option to make sure you’ve properly packed your belongings, to keep them safe from any damage.It’s probably a wise idea to commission the services of handy movers when it comes to downsizing during a relocation. They know all the tips and tricks and have the experienced needed to help you and offer the right advice. The professional movers will be able to transport all your belongings safely to your new, smaller home. If your purse strings stretch far enough, by hiring professional packing services, you can rest easy knowing all your fragile belongings have been carefully boxed up. It’s true that hiring a professional moving company really does reduce the amount of stress felt by most people. It might not constitute cheap removals, but it will give you some peace of mind that your relocation will go as smoothly as possible!Remember finally that downsizing can be a positive aspect to moving! Charity shops welcome any items in good condition and while you may not be able to enjoy all those paintings and furniture that once clogged up your old home, you will relish your new de-cluttered space!