Boxes and Packing Supplies For Moving Out

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A person who is moving out must make some plans to make his move less stressful as it is. The first things to think about, naturally, are the moving out tools and resources. One of the most important tools are moving boxes and packing supplies.

A person might think that there are so many things to plan that he doesn't have the time to choose the right moving boxes and packing supplies. But these things must never be underestimated. Packing and transferring belongings mean that he must use good quality supplies. This increases the likelihood that his things would arrive in perfect condition to the intended destination.

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What is a moving box?

A moving box is different from the simple corrugated boxes that a person could see at a local store. A moving box is especially constructed using single or double wall corrugated cardboard. A moving box is assigned an ECT (or Edge Crush Test) rating which indicates the strength of the box. A person who would prefer a high-density material with higher ECT would have to pay more.

For moving, it is generally recommended that he use moving boxes that are more than 32 ECT. This is also the minimum box strength that a professional moving company uses for packing household items.

Another significant thing to remember about moving boxes is that they are made in specific sizes. This is made so to be able to load and fit the boxes into moving trucks. Professional moving companies use standard box sizes making it easier for them to determine how to best organize the moving truck for maximum efficiency and protection for the items. A person who is using non-standard box sizes has a greater risk of having his belongings shift during the trip, which makes it dangerous especially for his fragile things.

A person must select the appropriate moving box sizes based on the type of things that he needs to pack. If he has heavy items like books, it is better to use small boxes but for lighter items like clothes, bigger moving boxes are suggested.

Where to shop for moving boxes?

It is quite easy as clicking on the computer. There are many websites on the Internet that offers an easy way for a person to buy his moving boxes and packing supplies. In reality, it is better to purchase the supplies online than from local box stores because they offer better prices. Usually, local box stores are much higher-priced than through online purchasing.

Other tips

A person must make a full inventory of the supplies that he needs for his move. This would give him an idea on the quantity and type of items that he needs. There are also ready-made moving kits that offer the correct quantity of boxes and moving supplies basing them on the number of rooms that will be moved.

Saving money from moving boxes and packing supplies might be one of a person's concerns. However, he must also think that it is better to invest on good quality moving boxes and packing supplies because they are better protected. Moreover, all professional moving companies offer the option of providing full packing services including all the moving boxes and packing supplies as part of the moving service.