Man And Van Are You Considering Hiring a Removals Van


When taking advantage of any type of service or product, the price is what a lot of people take into consideration. This is because people want to get the best value for their money. However, you should also make sure that you are getting what you're paying for.

For example, if you are in the process of moving and you have a set budget for the entire moving process, how can you make sure that you are getting the lowest rates from the removals company without compromising the quality of the service? This is when research proves to be useful. Always do your homework so that you can get the best prices available in the market today, while making the moving process less of a burden for you.

A Crash Course on Removals Vans

When you are faced with the prospect of moving, the first thing that you need to get out of the way are the bigger tasks at hand. This includes the type of professional removals services that you will get.

Will you be hauling your things on your own car or will you hire the services of a professional removals company? Will you hire a moving van which you or somebody else can drive to get your things to your new location?

Out of these options, hiring a removals company is pretty much the best way to go. To help make the moving process a lot easier for you, here's a crash course on the things that you need to know about removals vans:

1. The vans used by removals companies come in different sizes.
You naturally would not want to hire anything that's too small or too big. When getting the services of a removals company, make sure to give a representative of the company an estimate on the number of boxes that need to be moved.

Here's a quick guide that you can use to know which van size will suit your needs:

Light Van:
This type of removals vehicle usually has 250 cubic feet of space which is enough to move a small studio apartment.

Medium Van:
The typical size of a medium removals van which provides 500 cubic feet of space inside. This is good enough to move the things that you have if you own a large studio apartment, or a small flat which has one bedroom.

Large Luton Van:
This type of a removals van will give you 700 cubic feet of space, which can move a small 2-bedroom flat or a large one-bedroom flat.

For the larger moves, you can either hire a 7.5T lorry. Anything bigger and you might have to ask the removals company to make two trips, or you might have to hire a couple of moving vans.

Make sure that you understand how the rates will be applied when hiring any size of a removals van. This way, there will be no 'surprise charges' when you finally start the moving process.