Moving or Relocating A List of Frequently Asked Questions about Removals Companies


Whether you are planning a residential or corporate move in or out of state, here are some frequently asked questions about removals companies that you would need to know about:

1. How soon should I get in touch with a removals company?
The minute that you have finalized a move date, that is the ideal time to call the removals company. These service providers have a high demand for their services and they usually deal with an influx of customers even during the holidays. So the earlier that you book for the service, the better.

2. My lease is about to expire and I really need a removals company, ASAP! What should I do?
Again, you should remember that the schedule of removals companies - whether they are operating on a local or interstate basis - usually fills up fast. So if your lease is about to expire and you think that you will not be able to give the removals company an advanced notice of your move date - something can still be arranged.

However, just like any other 'rushed' service that you will take advantage of, this special scheduling for the removals service might come at an extra cost.

3. What is a binding and non-binding estimate given by movers?
The minute that you get in touch with a removals company, you will be provided with a non-binding estimate. This is actually an initial rate to give you an idea about how the costs of a particular removals company compare with its direct competitors. But once a representative from the removals company sees how much needs to be moved and how far up or out of the street your things need to be hauled, that is when a binding estimate is usually given.

4. Do I need to pay for a company to give me an estimate of how much the move will cost?
Absolutely not! Steer clear of removals companies who charge customers by simply giving them an estimate. This service should be given free of charge, and it is your right to change your mind if you think that a removals company has too high a charge. This is unless you have already signed a binding estimate or an initial agreement with a removals company.

5. How do removals companies usually charge for the services that they offer?
More often than not, a removals company will bill you for the weight of the boxes moved and the distance traveled. There are other, cheaper options such as a man and van operation which is suitable for small moves. These services providers usually have a per hour, per man rate.

6. How long will it take for the removals company to transport my things from my old house to my new home?
This depends on the size of your shipment, the distance between your old house and your new home, as well as the weather conditions during the date of your move. If you are only moving for a short distance and your all things can be hauled by the truck in one trip, it should not take more than a day for the move to be finished.