Long Term over Short Term Storage Things You Should Note


Stored belongings are susceptible to damage when they are improperly stored. Hence, you need to take extra care to your stored items to spare them from getting damaged after some time. To ensure the security of your items from any possible damage, you have to identify first as to how long you are planning to keep them. In addition, you should also know the different types of storage facilities so you would be able to identify the best facility to store your items. It is also equally important for you to be able to identify the right thing to do to protect your items.

To vitally protect your items, you should be able to distinguish the different types of storage facilities. The type of facility you should choose will depend on the length of time you plan to keep your items. Keep in mind that the longer your items are stored in a facility, the more chances they may suffer.

The types of storage warehouse basically vary in shapes and sizes including their methods of access. At times, they also vary in locations—some are located in rural areas while there are also some in urban. Storage facilities in rural areas are normally constructed on one level only with wide drive up access. Drive up access becomes an advantage if you will remove or add items every now and then. Meanwhile, storage facilities situated in urban areas normally come in multi story buildings with cargo elevators to assist in moving your belongings.

Additionally, there are also some storage facilities that have climate controlled spaces. This present more secured space for your items, especially if you plan to store them for a longer time. However, this special feature requires a more expensive cost as well. So, it would be practical if you will separate some of your items by placing the sensitive ones in a climate controlled space. Examples of these items are electronics, photographs, wood furniture, paper, musical instruments, and videotapes.

Clothing is another thing that is susceptible to damage when stored for long period. If they will be stored in a non-controlled climate spaces, the formation of mildew can be advanced, especially when the level of humidity is higher as compared to normal. So ideally, before placing the clothing in a plastic bag for instance, it must be free from moisture. It will be good to fasten the bag slightly loose to allow air circulation. You may also use calcium chloride or silica gel before you place the clothing in a container. Such substances are effective in absorbing moisture.

Of course, whether you are going to store your items for a short or longer time, you should vitally check the security provided by the storage facilities. Observe the security area such as the lighting, fence, and onsite security personnel very carefully. There should have enough lighting both from the outside to the inside. Also keep in mind that you should choose a storage facility that does not look too inviting for the thieves as well as to the pests.