Make the Move Pleasant for the Dog


Well, it's almost impossible for the move to be pleasant for your pet. Pet dogs can be very perceptive and know that something is up. However, keep the dog's routine as much as possible. Remember to feed him as scheduled during the period when you are preparing for the move. Remember to exercise him too. Neglecting him during this time would only make it stressful for him.

What you can do on the day of the move is put the dog in one of the rooms. Make sure that windows and the door is closed so he will not be able to runaway. You don't want added stress because your dog is missing and you have to look for it first. Inform the movers about the room too so they will not open the said room and let the dog out in the process.

Again, feed the dog as is his routine even on the day of the move. Just don't feed him 4 hours before you leave your old house. This is to prevent your dog from being nauseous or carsick. Have drinking water available for the dog at all times, inside the room and throughout your travel.

It would be better if the responsibility of taking care of the dog is given to one of the older children. That person would see to the dog all throughout the travel until you arrive your new home. This way you will have less on your mind and you will likely forget fewer things.

As everyone is excited in your arrival your dog will feel it too. But you should control your dog as much as possible since there are a lot of things you have to deal with. Put him again in an empty room. Make sure everything is closed to avoid letting him out. Remember to give him water again. It would even comfort the dog if you will give him something from his old environment. Movers should again be notified about the dog so they will not open the door by mistake.

Now you can accomplish what needs to be done. When the movers arrive you can unpack everything and arrange things around the house. But do not forget to feed the dog according to his routine. Keep your dog as comfortable as possible inside the room too.

The person responsible for the dog on that day should also exercise him as is his routine. If everything is in order, he can bring the dog around the yard of the house. They can explore the place together. Your dog would surely appreciate the chance to move about after the confinement. The whole family can even take time to get some air too and take the chance to bond with the dog. Your dog would truly love the attention. He would feel secure again and he may adjust well faster.

It would also be a good idea to have a place for the dog before the move, this way he will not be displaced after everything is settled. Again, it would be easier for him to settle in his new surroundings and in his new home.
After you move in your new home you might need professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning help.