Moving from Urban to Rural It was Never that Hard


Most city dwellers - Londoners among them - complain of too much noise, a too hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, crowded streets and subways. Many a Londoner has expressed a desire to live in a place where the air is fresh, and they don't have to jostle and be jostled by people during rush hour. A place with a more relaxed atmosphere - the country.

But moving from the rush of the urban landscape to the laid back lifestyle of the countryside wasn't made for everyone. So before you take the big jump from London to the country, here are a few things you might want to consider before making a decision.

1. Convenience.

This one thing is a very important factor most people overlook when moving to a rural area. They suddenly realize that there are less shops, less modes of transportation, less places to party or have a night out. Many people frankly, become shocked by the simplicity of the life there and find difficulty adjusting to the kind of life living in such a place entails.

2. Are you serious, or are you just romanticizing?

Country villages and homes may look picturesque and peaceful when you first see them - whether in actuality or in pictures - but you should realize that spending every day there is quite different. Don't be Try to look into yourself and decide whether you'd like to live your days there, or just want a short, peaceful vacation?

3. Choose the right moving company.

If you're really set on moving, then you should choose the right moving company. Don't take one from the country or village you're moving to, choose one that's based in London. London-based moving companies will know the city better and provide a smoother move, and it's easy once you get to the country. Inversely, if your movers are based in the rural village you're moving to, there's a big chance they'll get confused by all the buzz and complications of moving from London, since they don't have much experience in the city.

4. Pick the right place.

Don't just go for a quiet place where birds chirp in the morning and the breeze is fresh. Try to find a town or village that has enough of what you and your family needs for your daily living, has good schools and public services, and where you can find good paying work. You can also look for a town where you can set up a business. Also, try to find out what your family thinks of a place before you decide. They have needs too, and ignoring that fact will not be a wise choice.

Moving from London to the country can either be a welcome lifestyle change or one of those dreams that turn into nightmares. It all depends on you. But as long as you're really decided and exert the effort to do things right, then moving to a quiet town may just turn out to be the life you and your family always wanted.