The ABC s of Moving Your Business Office Furniture Removal Tips


To start right off, what are the instances when you would be required to move from one office to another? Basically, the minute that you start outgrowing your office because your business has experienced a sudden boost or growth - that is the time that you should consider moving to a bigger office.

There may also be corporate reasons behind the relocation - but the important thing is that moving office and your business should signify growth and diversity.

What You Need to Know Prior to Moving Your Office

Now, just like any business decision that you will make, it certainly pays to do your research first when looking for a removals company that will help you relocate. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

- Always consider the local removals company first.
Usually, this is a more cost-effective method of planning a corporate move. However, there are a lot of options that you have so study the field first. Another important point to note is that if you are making an interstate corporate move, it is much better to go for a removals company which specializes in this type of a moving task.

- Make sure that the removals company is an expert in handling corporate moves.
Unlike residential moves where personal possessions are being hauled around, a corporate move is entirely different. Each office furniture equates to an expense that your company is still paying for. As such, you should make sure that they will not be damaged during the move.

This is where the services of a professional corporate removals company come in. With their expertise, you can rest assured that your sensitive computer sets and pricey office furniture will not be damaged during the move.

Tips when Hiring a Removals Company

When hiring a removals company, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. Take a look at the following checklist that you can use:
- How long has the removals company in business?
- Does the removals company own the trucks, vans and moving equipment that they have, or are they using rented equipment?
- Does the removals company specialize in corporate moves, or have they only done residential moves in the past?

- What are the terms and conditions when you hire the removals company?
- Does the rate charged by the removals company depend on the weight and distance traveled?
- Are the packing materials included with the rates that they quoted, or do you have to provide the supplies yourself?
- If you are planning an interstate corporate move, are the movers knowledgeable about any rules or laws that apply?
- How about the insurance policies?

By asking these questions, you can more or less judge whether the removals company that you will hire will be able to take care of your needs as a business or not. Remember that the move from a smaller to a larger office is a big opportunity for your business to grow even bigger - so grab the chance.