Self Packing and Insurance The Proper Way of Protecting Student Removals


It is understandable when students and people undertaking small removals would want to pack themselves. It is practical and cost-efficient because it's a small load anyway. However, the issue with self-packing is that a person might have problems with removers and insurers later. Problems such as spurious claims, and who did the packing badly and then the high administrative cost of adjusting claims are just too many headaches for a person. Further, there are also policies on exclusion and excess clauses that are not so useful in cases of breakages.

Why insure the property?

Inspite of all these issues, a person should always insure his property against possible theft, complete loss or destruction. It is suggested that he must take a separate policy that is not covered by the removal company. If a removal company insists that he can buy from him, better not do it but find another company.

Why choose a separate policy company?

There is the issue of neutrality. A removal company that acts as an agent for an insurer is a big problem. He cannot allow his business to become filled with claims because he is inviting a bad image for itself. The insurer would also see him as bad business. In turn, the removal company will be contractually obliged not to admit liability on behalf of his insurer; therefore the removal company would become an impediment to claims. It is therefore quite practical to protect oneself with an independent policy.

Other Reminders

Once a person has protected himself through insurance, he can start on his packing. However, it is still recommended that a person spend money on proper packaging and packing. Many cases of breakages are due to inadequate preparation. Other people thinks that the mover would just pick the item and load it to the truck. These people have a lot of bad surprises in store for them.

It is better that a person makes sure that all his things are well-packed before the removals company come for picking up. The removals company has no further role other than to load the things and deliver them to the new home.

To be able to prevent damages being done to a person's things, here are some things that a person must NEVER do:

1. Never pile up the kitchen crockery and glass in an open avocado box because they would shake and eventually break.

2.Never cover stereos and computers with thin bin liners since these are not good protective materials. Moreover, the mover will not be able to see that they are fragile devices.

3. Using bubble wrap for picture glass is not sufficient protection. It must also be covered with a cardboard like a flattened box.

4. Never put clothes and bedding in a single and open bin bag because they could accidentally be ripped. It is suggested that a person must double up the bags and tie them. Or if a person has boxes, then that is better.

5. The last step is to ensure that the boxes are tidily stacked closely and flatly together. Make sure that the weight is manageable and then mark them with the correct address and number, which ensures that everything has arrived safe.