Getting the Cheapest Quote for Student Removals


A student who is planning to move to another city or town usually doesn't have so many things with him as a normal family would have. For this reason alone, it is better that a student avail of professional services coming from small sized companies and not those big companies that costs an arm. Moreover, a student has a small budget compared to others and must therefore be practical in choosing his removals company.

However, a student might be tempted to choose a removal company that is “branded”. He would think that smaller removal companies might not be as reliable. This is not always the case. There are many trustworthy small companies online that have good credentials. All the student has to do is make evaluations of all these companies. Once he has made a list of possibilities, he can start choosing the best one with the most reasonable price.

Some Moving Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips that might be useful for a student in his move.

First, he can spend some of his time asking or telephoning around. Sometimes, he might get lucky when an acquaintance or a friend say that he knows someone who is just willing to rent a van for him.

Second, a student must be flexible in terms of the possible date of moving. He can also organize that someone at his destination will be able to receive his property.

Third, if he was able to find a partner who is also going the same way as he is, then they can make a joint proposition with the removals company. He must also make sure that the proposition is clear and easy for the moving company to convince him that the assessment is trustworthy.

Fourth, a student must be sure of his assessment on the actual volume of his load. Sometimes, he might have made an underestimation that is not the same as the actual load.

Fifth, a student must start packing and putting his things in boxes as soon as possible. This will make loading, protection, trolleying easier and more secure.

What approaches to use?

The issue that crops out when it comes to student move is that it is only a small load, which is to be, transported a long way. This means that for a moving company, the mileage and the road time costs are the same regardless of the load.

There are two approaches to find a solution to high cost removals. First, a student can hire a van. There are van hire companies that allow 21 year olds to rent a van one way. Second, a student can find someone who would be willing to part load with him in case that he is also going the same way. This would definitely be economical and practical.

One-way van hire is especially attractive especially if a student can also find a partner to split the cost. The problem that can be seen here is to find a qualified driver. The second problem is where to find other student movers who will part load at a reasonable price.